Heaven Official’s Blessing Season 2: Renewed But Production Delayed! Trailer Breakdown

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Two years is a long time for any anime series to be away from the screens. Well, the fans of Heaven Official’s Blessing Season 2 must be lauded for their patience and persistence. For two long years, they kept nagging the makers to release the final announcement for the second season. Even though there has been an announcement, confusion tends to surround the renewal. So, is the second season renewed? When is it releasing? Here is all you need to know about it.

Better known as Tian Guan Ci Fu, Heaven Official’s Blessing is a Chinese donghua-based anime that came out on October 31, 2022. Being one of the first mainstream Chinese series to get an anime adaptation, HOB turned out to be a massive hit. Not only that but the same is reflected in the numbers of the first season as well. The anime scores 8.4 stars out of 10 on IMDb. In addition, it has been rated 8.39 stars by more than thirty thousand users on MyAnimeList. Thus, there is clearly no doubt about the return of the second season.

Heaven Official’s Blessing Season 2: Renewed Or Not?

Clearing the clutter around the return of Heaven Official’s Blessing Season 2, the second season has been renewed. Back in January last year (2021), the makers of the anime posted updates through the official accounts of Haoliners Animation League. The post confirmed on New Year’s day that the Chinese anime series will be getting a second season. Moreover, there were updates about the production as well. You can check out the trailer announcement right here.

Production Status: What Caused The Delays?

As mentioned above, the production of the second season has already begun. The makers had confirmed this back in January 2021. But considering the amount of time it has been since this announcement, it should be noted that there might have been certain hurdles in the production work. The most possible reason for the delay is the pandemic. Last year, many anime series went through obstacles leading up to endless hiatuses.

Heaven Official's Blessing Season 2

One more possibility that can be true might be the release slates. It is possible that the makers are waiting for the right time to make an announcement. Since the pilot was also released in the Fall 2022 slate, it can be assumed that there is a wait for that only.

Is There Enough Source Material?

Heaven Official’s Blessing is not a direct adaptation of the novel of the same name. But the donghua does follow a rough draft of the same story which involves the life of Xie Lian of the Kingdom of Xianie. The first season did not even tell one-fourth of the grand tale that was told in the novel. The chronological events of the anime are not the same as that of the novel. Thus speculating the number of chapters covered will be difficult.

However, fans can be assured that there is more than enough material left for a second and seasons ahead of that. Skim through the following subhead to find out what will happen in the story ahead.

Heaven Official's Blessing Season 2

What Will Happen In Season 2

Before the second season was announced, the banner got special episodes. And the trailer ended up confirming all the theories that fans had. It was seen in the trailer that the setting of the next season would be in Ghost Town. In addition to this, the trailer also features the characters of Generals Xuan Zhen and Nan Yang in small snippets. So, the Ghost Town is owned and ruled by Hua Cheng.

The most interesting question of when Hua Cheng will unveil his real form will also be answered in Heaven Official’s Blessing Season 2. In addition to this is the growing relationship between Xie Lian and the ruler. This part of the story will also get dissected in detail. Lastly, the real appearance of this ruler is going to be the major takeaway for the second season.

Heaven Official’s Blessing Season 2: Release Date

Unfortunately, there were no updates on the release schedule of the second season. But considering the fact that the sequel is already in production, it can be assumed that the release date could be announced any day now. All have to do is keep an eye out for the news. So, Heaven Official’s Blessing Season 2 might release in the Fall 2022 slate, that is October 2022. You will find the official announcement updates right here. Thus, stay in touch with The Anime Daily.

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