Heavenly Delusion Anime Finds Heaven On Earth? Movie Release Date & Other Details Announced!

heavenly delusion anime

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Human beings have come a long way. However, robots are also slowly replacing their intel, at least in animes. Robots almost completely take over the Heavenly Delusion Anime. A piece of heaven is on Earth, or so it seems, for this anime series. Technology and machines are super helpful. But what happens when it completely takes over life? This anime series is one to look forward to. Fans of thriller and adventure must not miss out on this series. Want to know more? Keep reading to find out.

Heavenly Delusion Anime is an adaptation of a manga series of the same name. Masakazu Ishiguro is the author of this award-winning manga. It is highly successful. Hopes are high that this anime will also do well. The series’ story is unique. The plot of the anime is new and conventional. It is a story that has never been done before. So, keep reading further to know what is coming next!

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Heavenly Delusion Anime: Official Announcement & Details

A promotional teaser video for this upcoming anime has been revealed. A trailer was also released along with the promotional video on Friday. Masakazu Ishiguro’s Heavenly Delusional Anime might just become a box-office success! Details on the staff list and plot details have also been announced. However, there has been no information on the cast for the anime.

Hirotaka Mori from Production I.G. will be directing the anime. Makoto Fukami will also be overseeing the anime’s scripts. Utsushita from Minakata Laboratory will be responsible as the character designer. Kensuke Oshio will be working as a music composer as well. Others like Eriko Kimura and Kumiko Sakamoto will be working on editing and sound direction. However, Izumi Hirose will also be joining the cast as a color designer. The staff for the anime is full of talent and qualifications. There are not only high expectations for the anime but also from the staff members.

heavenly delusion anime

Plot Details

Denpa will be releasing the manga in English. According to the English translations by Denpa, the story focuses on a world where robots are raising the youth. The children are full of curiosity and potential. The world is almost like a piece of heaven on Earth. People consider he world outside to be a hell hole. It has nothing mechanical, and several supernatural beings are living in it.

The main characters, Maru and Kiruko, head out to find the old heaven, which is where supernatural beings are living in. But after such a long search, maybe heaven is just an unattainable dream instead of a reality. It will be interesting to see how this story is translated into an anime!

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Heavenly Delusion Anime: Release Date

The anime will be premiering in 2023. However, there have been no hints on the specific release. Fans are currently waiting for further announcements in the future for details on the cast members as well. Do you think that heaven is unattainable on Earth? Will Maru and Kiruko be able to find heaven? We will be sure to update this section as soon as there is any more detail on this. Thus, keep an eye on The Anime Daily to get all the intel right here.

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