High Card Episode 7: Love & Fake! Release Date & Spoilers

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Two new characters will be making their debut soon and bring all-new interesting conflicts to the floors.

Fans are wondering about where the 52 X-Playing cards come from. However, it comes as a surprise that the cards go back to when Fourlands was formed by the unification of Polostick, Silphium, Lozenge, and Spada. The previous episode sees members of High Card pull off a big heist at the auction of the 52 X-Playing Cards. High Card Episode 7 will see how the auction moves on after the heist. It will also see how the High Card members will run through the trouble of the consequences of the heist. So, here are all the details for the upcoming episode.

The abilities on only a few cards have been revealed. It will be interesting to see and learn about the unrevealed cards as well. The next episode will also see team Pinochle reach a new card before Who’s Who members and Ban’s Family do. fans are curious to learn more about the abilities of the other cards after seeing how effective the other cards’ abilities were. It will be an interesting episode with a lot of thrillers and suspense. So, keep reading to find out more about the next episode.


High Card Episode 7: What Will Happen Next?

Episode 7 of High Card will be “Love & Fake.” According to the five-second preview trailer, the episode will be revealing two new exciting characters in the series. However, there has been no information on who the characters are yet. Moreover, it seems like Ban’s family will continue getting in the way of High Card. Previously, they had created issues at the auction and even stole five Diamonds X-playing cards from CEO Norman Kingstat.

The episode will also see High Card members showing Ban and his partners that they are not the only ones who are players in the Kingdom of Fourlands. It will be especially interesting to see how this storyline unrolls in the weeks to come.

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Previous Episode Recap!

High Card Episode 6 was titled “Take Back Five.” The episode sees a man telling the legend of the Trapla land. An auctioneer tells the story on a cruise ship while revealing the auction that will be taking place. The main attraction of the auction is the X-Playing Card 5 of Diamonds. However, the auctioneer himself is unaware of the true power of the card. The CEO of Who’s Who, Norman Kingstat, and his secretaries also arrive at the auction to win the card.

However, the High Card members start a heist and swap the magical 5 diamonds with a fake card. Initially, the plan goes well. However, Norman’s secretary, Blist, uses his Million Volt power and attacks Chris before he makes the swap. Later, Norman and Leo are in a bidding war, and the card finally comes on the stage. However, Leo’s chances of winning get ruined by Finn’s seasickness. A telekinetic woman, Klondike ends up stealing the card and escapes on her helicopter.


High Card Episode 7: Release Date

Episode 7 will premiere on February 21, 2023, at 8 pm JST. It will be available to watch AT-X, Tokyo MX, TV Aichi, BS11, KBS Kyoto, Sun TV, and other local TV channels in Japan. Whereas Crunchyroll is the only platform for international viewers. So, keep reading The Anime Daily for further updates.

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