Hikari No Ou Anime Survival Story In Apocalyptic World: Cast & Plot REVEALED! Release Date

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Hikari No Ou Anime revolves around a story of survival in a world that has seen the last war of humanity. It is a fantasy series that is an adaptation of a light novel series of the same name. It is sure to keep fans on the edge of their seats. Junji Nishimura never disappoints with their work. In a post-apocalyptic world, humans need to find ways to survive. New and weird creatures emerge, and adapting to extreme change can be challenging. How will the characters of this new and upcoming anime survive? What type of creatures would they meet on the way? Keep reading to know more.

Rieko Hinata and Akihiro Yamada’s Hikari No Ou Anime, the Firecatcher Lords, already have quite an appealing visual in their recent releases. The graphics of the characters and the video releases differ from other anime and shows on air. Fans on Reddit have already found the series to be very cool from its teaser visual. Other fans have commented on how insane the staff list is! Let us get right into it.

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Hikari No Ou Anime: Official Announcement

The official Twitter Account for Hikari No Ou Anime released the premiere date for the series. There has also been a release on the first full promotional video. Other details, like the cast members, were announced back in October. A teaser for the series has also already been released. The series is set to premiere on the WOWOW premium satellite network.

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Plot & Staff Details

The anime’s story revolves around an Earth full of the black forest. The people of this post-apocalyptic world are infected with a pathogen that causes their bodies to burn whenever they are around a natural fire. There are also tales of a Firecatcher Lord among the people who have survived the last war of humanity. The two main protagonists are Touko, a girl who grew up in a village. There is also Koushi, a former student in a capital city. The main characters should not meet but this encounter of theirs completely changes the world’s fate. Junji Nishimura will be directing Hikari No Ou Anime.

Mamoru Oshii will also be overseeing and writing the series. A total of 16 cast members were also announced. Kenji Kawai will be responsible for the music. Takuya Saito will be handling the character designs. Misaki Kuno will be voicing the main character, Touko. Shoya Ishige will be playing the character of Koshi. Maaya Sakamoto and Yoshimasa Hosoya will also be part of the cast. Saori Hayami and Megumi Yamaguchi will also be voicing the characters of Kira and Hinako.

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Hikari No Ou Anime: Release Date

The makers did update the final release slate for the show. So, the anime series will be premiering in January 2023. There have been no further announcements besides the television channel it will be broadcasted on. We will be sure to update this section in case of changes. At last, keep an eye on The Anime Daily to get all the updates right here.

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