How Did Eren Become A Titan: All Theories Explained! What Made Him Evil?

How Did Eren Become A Titan

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How Did Eren Become A Titan? The question should rather start with ‘Why’. So much of the story of Titans hinges on how much you don’t know. For example, what did he see when he touched Historia? Why did Eren turn evil? Eren Yeager, the show’s protagonist, longs for Freedom. Thus, he is willing to go to any extent for it. The show defines his character when he discovers true rage. The Titans eating his mom was the catalyst. Picking the feathers off iconic pieces such as Berserk, and Attack On Titan leaves no stone unturned to play with psychological facets. 

Eren always wanted to be free. In part 2 of the final season, fans saw how Eren pulled the strings of the past to stand where he is right now. Is he a slave to the idea of freedom? It seems he is stuck in his own loop of domino effect. But what made him do all this? This is very much related to why and how he got his powers in the first place. Read on to know more!

How Did Eren Become A Titan

How Did Eren Become A Titan: Eren Transforms for the first time!

After the fall of the Wall Maria, Eren and Mikasa enrolled in the Survey Corps. 5 years later, in the battle against Titans in Trost District, Eren underwent his first transformation. At this point, he wanted revenge against the Titans for killing his mother. But he was frail. One of the titans ate him. Surprisingly, a furious Titan sprang out and began fighting other titans. This was the first time people saw a Titan helping humanity. Nobody knew anything about Titan shifters or that the titans they were killing were actually people before today. 

Only later in the seasons Eren learned that he ate his dad, Grisha Yeager. Thus, Eren inherited the founding and Attack titan. Later on, he learned more about the world and Marleyans. As a result, his rage against the Titans ended. This time the titans were not the ones threatening his freedom. But why did Grisha entrust little Yeager with such powers? What forced him to eat the royal family to obtain the founder’s power? Keep reading to know more about this!

How Did Eren Become A Titan

Why Grisha Yeager Gave Eren The Founding Titan?

The Marleyans captured seven of the nine titans during the Great Titan War. The Attack Titan was one of the few titans that battled for Eldians while remaining on the mainland. It was out of Marley’s hands for many years. Kruger, an Eldian agent, working for Marley, eventually obtained it. Kruger gave Grisha his Attack Titan, trusting him to find the Founding Titan buried behind the Walls of Paradis. But why did Kruger give it to Grisha? Continue reading for more information.

The tale then revealed that Grisha had truly slain the whole Royal Family. This royal family ruled over the Founding titan on Paradis Island. Grisha worked as a doctor. So how could he have committed this murder? The story flashes back to 5 years ago when Grisha allows Eren to consume him. Meanwhile, in season 4, Eren infiltrates Liberio and obtains the War Hammer Titan after killing the Tyburs.

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How Did Eren Become A Titan

How Did Eren Become A Titan: The Conclusion

The Attack Titan can foresee the future and past. The titan can change the course of history. Eren was tugging the strings since the beginning of the play. He made Kruger pass on the Attack titan. Eren was responsible for all that transpired. It is also possible that his mother was killed because of him. Because everything that would happen would make Eren the person, he is now. This is essential to his Rumbling plan. He made certain that Grisha had no other option but to agree with his plan. He forced his father to seize the founder’s authority and pass it on to young Eren.

Grisha even claimed that the assault titan’s memories drove every prior inheritor to the chapel and stole the founding titan. Thus, Eren established a causal loop that set up a fixed timeline. A loop that only one can break! Comment down below who that person might be. Stay Tuned to The Anime Daily for more such topics!

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