How To Fight Chapter 163: Sung Makes A “Mess!” Release Date & Plot

How To Fight Chapter 163

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How To Fight Chapter 163 focuses on Hobin and his group’s investigation. Well, the group has already dealt with the academy and is now dealing with another case. But it seems like both cases have some connection. Can Hobin and his crew figure it out? Further, it remains unclear how Sung’s plan will work. Keep reading to know more.

The next storyline will focus on Sung’s plan. Although he has entered the runaway family, he needs to unearth the information to learn about illegal activities linked to the group. But his way of finding the data will create problems for Hobin and the group. Will Hobin go with Sung’s plan? Let’s see!

How To Fight Chapter 163

How To Fight Chapter 163: What Will Happen Next?

In the upcoming chapter, things will soon turn chaotic. Hobin never planned to smash the runaway father to extract the information. In fact, he informed Sung to get closer to the runaway father, so it would help them find out more about their group and the illegal activities they are involved in. But instead of following Hobin’s orders, Sung decides to make his own way.

Now Sung is the runaway dad, and he needs to follow the orders to learn about their illegal business. He will force the former runaway dad, Ahn Hosung, to reveal everything about the runaway and how they extract the money to run it. However, it won’t help, and they will get no information from this process. Instead of revealing everything, everyone will turn against him and charge an attack.

How To Fight Chapter 163

A Quick Recap!

Previously in How To Fight Chapter 162, Hobin Hyung was busy making a strategy to locate a runaway kid. He planned to use Sung Taehoon in this mission instead of forcing himself to do all the fieldwork. But they needed Taehoon to join the runaway family. However, the kid told them he had no clue about his runaway family as he left the group a week ago and was looking for his sister, so when he returned, he saw no one there. Perhaps their runaway family disbanded. Soon Hobin mapped another plan and asked Taehoon to lure the family leader with money. But again, their plan was rejected as the kid told them about the strict checking procedure.

So instead of searching for a new runaway family, they planned to create one. Sung quickly made a post to seek people’s help. Shortly two teenage girls asked him for a meeting. But when they met in a park, Sung revealed that he was looking for a runaway family, and he used them to get into one. But instead of being annoyed by his trick, they asked him to follow them. Soon Sung and the two girls arrived at their runaway family home, where their mom warned them about their dad’s wrath. He quickly grabbed their hair and started unleashing his anger. But after seeing Sung, he promptly changed his mind and asked him to join their group. Surprisingly, everything changed as Sung attacked him and became the runaway family’s dad to extract more details.

How To Fight Chapter 163

How To Fight Chapter 163: Release Date

Now it seems like Hobin will map another plan to extract the details of the lost girl. But will Sung be a good help? You will learn this in How To Fight Chapter 163, which will come out on January 1, 2023, on Naver Webtoon and Kakao pages. So stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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