How To Fight Chapter 164: Seong Taehoon’s Terror! Release Date & Plot 

How To Fight Chapter 164

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The missing girl’s case isn’t as easy as it seems. Hobin and Seong Taehoon need to be careful before jumping to any conclusion in How To Fight Chapter 164. Well, their team has already solved dangerous cases and helped the victims free from there. Now they need to do the same. But they don’t know that their previous case connects with this missing girl case. Meanwhile, Seong will make things challenging for them, making the case harder than before. Keep reading to know more. 

The 164th chapter will be challenging for Hobin and his team. They are searching for a missing girl who has been traumatized by the people who abducted her. However, Seong Taehoon will find a way to handle them. But before he could make any move, things would turn upside-down. Let’s see how Hobin deals with it.  

How To Fight Chapter 164How To Fight Chapter 164

How To Fight Chapter 164: What Will Happen Next? 

In the upcoming chapter, Seong will torture another runaway family’s dad to get to the bottom of this matter. He knows they all are hiding something, and he needs the truth. But he will be surprised after learning it. It seems like the runaway family is just a cover-up to find more girls for human trafficking. They sell those girls to other groups to use them as they please. After learning this information, Hobin maps his next move. 

He needs to take action as soon as possible before they lose her. Seong will continue to interact with others as one of the runaway families’ dads. He will learn the missing girl’s whereabouts. Soon Hobin and Seong will head there and find more details. But they will be disappointed to know she is already shifted to another place. However, nobody will be aware of it. So it will be Hobin’s turn to infiltrate the team. 

How To Fight Chapter 164How To Fight Chapter 164

A Quick Recap! 

Previously in How To Fight Chapter 163, Seong Taehoon knocked the runaway family dad and his comrades before calling Hobin. Hobin asked him to gather the information without indulging in a fight. So when everyone woke up, he asked the former dad about the missing girl. But before making his way into the runaway family, he asked him to bring some drinks. Meanwhile, Seong tried to gather information from the other family members. But the former dad later told him to attend the dad’s meeting, which would take place tomorrow. 

Seong agreed to participate in the meeting, but before that, he went to see Hobin. Hobin advised him not to fight with the other dads as they wanted to locate that girl as soon as possible. He believed she was traumatized. The following day, everyone in the meeting talked about the new dad. They were curious to know how this happened. Soon Seong appeared and surprised everyone. In the meeting, he learned that they were just paws and someone else was behind all this. So to know the truth, he again kicked everyone except the one to extract the details.   

How To Fight Chapter 164How To Fight Chapter 164

How To Fight Chapter 164: Release Date 

The case will continue to twist, and both Seong and Hobin will find themselves on the edge of breaking. How To Fight Chapter 164 will release on January 7, 2023. You can catch it on Naver Webtoon and Kakao pages. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated. 

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