How To Fight Chapter 168: The Race To Rescue! Plot & Release Date

How To Fight Chapter 168

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After Seong Taehoon invaded the warehouse, he couldn’t find the missing girl. He had gone to great lengths to track down the warehouse. However, Boss Ma’s Gang were already on the move. And indeed they were a step ahead. Will Taehoon be able to get her back? It’s going to be a challenge if the gang has already sold her. So here is all you need to know about How To Fight Chapter 168 release date & plot.

Next time in How To Fight manhwa, Taehoon will navigate the things he could do in the moment to find the girl. Coming up with a plan will be tricky. So keep reading to find out all the details!

How To Fight Chapter 168How To Fight Chapter 168

How To Fight Chapter 168: What Will Happen Next?

How To Fight Chapter 168 will open up with a fight scene. Taehoon and the duo will take the gang one-on-one. They have burned down the warehouses and left no trace. Now it will be quite a hurdle to face the gang alone without the support of police. Afterall a group of teenagers can’t take on the entire gang, or can they? Taehoon will be sure to to teach them a lesson.

Meanwhile, the rest of the girls who have escaped, thanks to Taehoon, will try to help him in other ways. Many in the group are afraid to spill the beans. However, some of they may know about the missing girl’s whereabouts. And it’s only a matter of time before someone waters down on the gang’s plan. Chapter 168 will also see Hobin come to the rescue. Now they will beat down the entire unit no. 4 of the Boss Ma’s Gang,

How To Fight Chapter 168How To Fight Chapter 168

A Quick Recap!

How To Fight Chapter 167 opened up at the warehouse. Taehoon and the other guy threatened the gang to back off. However, they laughed it off. Taehoon was ready to count some bodies. But Joo Min-seon warned him not to do anything stupid.  The fight kicked off, and one of the gang members took the lead. Meanwhile, the boys showed their impressive moves, which scared the gang. They couldn’t believe that two teenagers had the upper hand.

Back at the port of foreign trade, a bloodbath broke out. Boss Ma gang’s head Ma Gyeongcheol stabbed one of the brokers. He warned others to be careful when they are in other’s areas. He then ordered his men to leave them half-dead.  Meanwhile, Sangjin called Ma Gyeongcheol to inform them of Taehoon’s menace. The boss ordered them to burn down the warehouse and leave no trace. The chapter ended after Taehoon realized that the gang had already changed locations.

How To Fight Chapter 168How To Fight Chapter 168

How To Fight Chapter 168: Release Date

The manhwa releases weekly on the official site of Naver, Webtoon, and Kakaopage. How To Fight Chapter 168 will release by February 5, 2023. We will be sure to update this section if there are any changes in the release date or schedule of the show. However, for more updates keep checking back on this page. The Anime Daily has all the latest news scoops! Stay tuned.

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