Hunter X Hunter Chapter 401: No Weekly Releases Anymore! See What The Author Says

Hunter X Hunter Chapter 401

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Hiatuses are not uncommon in the world of manga. But they can still be a source of frustration for fans who have invested time and emotional energy into the story. It can be a test of patience as fans are left to ponder about the fate of their favorite characters and the direction of the story. Here is some recent updates on Hunter X Hunter Chapter 401 from the creator!

Hunter X Hunter series has been on hiatus many times since its debut in 1998. The most recent hiatus began in 2018. And as of 2022, the manga returned after 4 years of break. So keep reading to find out more.

Hunter X Hunter Chapter 401Hunter X Hunter Chapter 401

Hunter X Hunter Chapter 401: Is The Manga On Break Again?

Hunter X Hunter Chapter 401 went on a break in 2022 again. The creator, Togashi, explained that he could no longer keep up with the weekly release schedule due to health issues. This has caused the manga to disappear from the weekly magazine, Shonen Jump, for several weeks now. Fans of the series are left probing when the manga will come back. For many its more than just a medium of entertainment.

It is a story that has captured their hearts and minds. However, the editorial team has promised to support Togashi until he wraps up with the coda. They haven’t shared any plans yet on when or how the manga will come on its track. Thus, fans are eagerly waiting for more updates on the same. They hope that Togashi’s health will improve, and he will be able to continue to work on the manga. You

What Will Happen Next?

Hunter X Hunter Chapter 401 will connect with many past plots. Kurapik will see benefits in allying with Tubeppa. Thus, he will send Bill to negotiate the terms of their pact. Meanwhile, Nobunaga will be unable to reunite with Franklin. Something will interfere with their plans. The plot will reveal that Franklin is under attack. And he is on the move on his own. 

In a turn of events, Hisoka will confront Illumy. And they will engage in a chat about the current situation of their troupe. This may cause a heated fight between the two. Meanwhile, Izunavi will lose his princess as she tries to stop the succession war with her ability. She will turn to Kurapika’s group for help. The story will also return to the expedition group. And it will give updates on the whereabouts of Pariston and Ging who have been absent for some time. 

Hunter X Hunter Chapter 401Hunter X Hunter Chapter 401

On the other side, Morena will take out one of the powerful rival families. This will raise red flags as Hingrigh will become more friendly with Nobunaga. At the same time, the royal army, led by Benjamin, will try to take over the group that keeps Fugetsu safe. However, this plan will backfire if a person with immunity dies. This will lead to major problems on the ship and possibly involve the Hunter association directly in the succession war.

Hunter X Hunter Chapter 401: Release Date

Hunter X Hunter Chapter 401 may come out sometime in 2023. However, Togashi is known for taking breaks longer than a Hunter Exam. So, it’s anyone’s guess when it’ll actually drop. For the time being, you can catch up to the manga on Viz Media. But you may just wait it out like a patient Nen user as well! Stay sharp and keep your gaze fixed on The Anime Daily for the freshest scoop!

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