Hunter X Hunter Manga Chapter 401: Hiatus & Delay Of The Manga Chapters! Release Date

hunter x hunter manga chapter 401

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The recent chapter of Hunter X Hunter was very intense, which saw that Seiko knew about Kacho’s death. Moreover, fans speculate that Tyson’s plan of using her new beast to control the king might fail. Hunter X Hunter Manga Chapter 401 might see the intensity and the tension building up even more. Fans look forward to the new chapter after seeing how informative and full of action Chapter 400 was. So, keep reading to find out more spoilers.

An announcement on the hiatus of the manga is out already in the public domain. As the health condition of the mangaka does not seem to improve, fans will probably have to wait a bit longer for the next chapter. However, fans are willing to wait, considering how intense the manga has been.

hunter x hunter manga chapter 401 spoilerhunter x hunter manga chapter 401 spoiler

Hunter X Hunter Manga Chapter 401: What Will Happen Next?

The upcoming feature may see Kurapika since the end of chapter 400 was seen agreeing to work with the fifth Kakin Prince, Tubeppa Hui Guo Rou. After joining and working with the prince, it will be interesting to find out his plan. The episode will see their plan and how their collaboration would work out. Moreover, Chapter 400 saw Longhi in room 1014 with Kurapika. This may hint to fans about what might happen in the next episode.

The Justice Bureau also detained melody. She was also seen trying to find out the events on the ship. Chapter 401 will see her trying to find the culprit for the deaths of Kacho and Keeney. Moreover, Melody was also seen visualizing evil spirits around her due to a situation in Fugetsu’s mind. However, it will be interesting to see how Melody finds out who is responsible for this in the upcoming chapter.

hunter x hunter manga chapter 401 releasehunter x hunter manga chapter 401 release

Previous Chapter Recap!

HXH Chapter 400 of the manga showed every character’s agenda and each agenda’s plot twist and secrets. The chapter saw Melody playing her tune at the banquet. And anybody who hears the tune was no longer free. Each prince realized that they could use this for assassination and were asking for an audience with Melody. Moreover, Melody was also being protected by Caesar of the Justice Department.

The chapter also saw Zhang Lei unaware of what the coins are capable of, but he was seen handing them out to people for a good cause. It was also shown that Kacho was disembodied and was merged with the twinny nen beast. The Phantom Troupe members, Phinks, Feitan, and Nobunaga, were also seen trying to wipe out the Heil-ly mafia.

hunter x hunter manga chapter 401 teaserhunter x hunter manga chapter 401 teaser

Hunter X Hunter Manga Chapter 401: Release Date

After the release of Chapter 400, the manga would follow a different release format instead of a weekly release. As a result of mangaka Yoshihiro Togashi’s health, the manga will be on hiatus from next week. As a result, Chapter 401 will not come out next week. Further details on the upcoming chapters and the manga will be here soon. Stay tuned to The Anime Daily.

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