Kaiji Anime Reveals English Dub: Shocking News After 15 Years of Release! What To Expect & Announcements!


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A piece of very shocking news has come to the surface! However, this news also brings joy to the fandom of the anime. Kaiji Anime will return but not as a spin-off or a sequel. Then what could it possibly return, as you ask? That is a secret that will soon be revealed. This news has fans jumping for joy, and rightfully so! Considering this anime’s popularity, this news will surely bring smiles to faces. Keep reading to know more.

Anime-centric streaming service HIDIVE recently came out with the announcement. The Kaiji Anime has not been around for almost eleven years. This is the first time in a while that a notice about this anime has been revealed. So without any further ado, let’s get right into it.

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Kaiji Anime: Official Announcement!

HIDIVE recently made an announcement on Monday afternoon. The announcement stated that Kaiji Anime would soon be returning to the screen. An English dub will be released soon. The details of the cast and staff have also been revealed. Moreover, this is the first time in 15 years after the release of the original Kaiji Anime that the English dub will be released. The dub is new, but the original English subtitled version has always been available.

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Plot, Cast & Staff

The English cast of The Kaiji Anime includes an excellent cast to look forward to. Jeremy Gee, David Wald, and Dave Harbold are well-known names. Others like David Matranga and Tyler Galindo will also be joining the cast. Jay Hickman and even John Gremillion are also a part of the cast. Kyle Colby Jones will be responsible for the English dub. Marta Bechtol will also be co-writing the script alongside Jones.

The sound engineers are Jonathan Rodriguez and Matt Wittmeyer. Brent Marshall will be responsible for the mix and sound design. Besides the cast, the plot details have also been released. The Kaiji Anime series revolves around the main lead, who happens to be both a social misfit and a gambler. The protagonist ends up in a situation where his friend goes against the debt he signed together with him. This results in him having to pay back the yakuza millions of yen. He ends up in a mysterious casino ship. Here, he can either win his life back by gambling, lose his freedom, or even worse.

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Kaiji Anime: Release date

The Kaiji Anime will be premiering on Monday, November 8, 2022. The English dub will have a total of 9 episodes. HIDIVE will also be streaming the series. Viewers will be taken straight through the series’ first major arc in the upcoming nine episodes. How excited are you about this English dub? Please share it in the comments below! Until then, keep reading The Anime Daily for more updates.

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