Kaiju No 8 Chapter 74: Hoshina Surrenders! Release Date & Plot

Kaiju No 8 Chapter 74

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Hoshina and Kafka have been trying their best to defeat those monsters. But Kaiju No 8 Chapter 74 will entirely focus on Hoshina. Well, in the previous chapter, he combined forces with No. 10 to fight against the army of No. 9. Well, it was the best battle arc in the history of manga. As we know, Hoshina is a guy who always has his weapons mastered in time. But this time, things are different. Will he win the battle? Keep reading to know more.

In the upcoming chapter, Hoshina will make a bold move. He will surrender and let the Kaiju do whatever he wishes. However, it will increase his strength, and he will finally return to the battleground in full force. It will help them to sync and defeat the army.

Kaiju No 8 Chapter 74

Kaiju No 8 Chapter 74: What Will Happen Next?

Finally, in the upcoming chapter, Hoshina will surrender and let No. 10 take action. He will follow No. 10’s command to win the battle against the army of Kaiju No. 9. Now No. 10 is free to take action, and he will decide to fight head-to-head. Instead of hitting their enemies’ weak points, they should combat them. Hoshina’s power will raise to 60% after syncing with No. 10.

They will vigorously attack the army, and this sync will appear as the best in history. Further, during this, Hoshina will learn about No. 10 and his fighting skills. He will learn a lot which will help them in their upcoming battles. Further, Hoshina will swiftly win the battle. But he has a lot to work on his weapon. They need to sync instead of forcing their command on each other.

Kaiju No 8 Chapter 74

A Quick Recap!

In the 73rd chapter of Kaiju No 8, Hoshina joined forces with No 10 to use his skills against the other Kaiju. However, they weren’t synced at all. No ten continued to command Hoshina to follow his order despite Hoshina telling him plenty of times that let him handle the situation. Hoshina even asked Okonogi why his suit had his voice. She explained that it was the first Kaiju weapon in history with his own will. Since neurosync was difficult, so they went with voice-based communication.

Despite Hoshina’s opposition to using that weapon, he was convinced to join No. 10. He decided to gamble a bit and deployed straight to the red zone. Everyone was surprised by his move as it was heavily crowded with Kaiju No. 9. His team was worried for the vice-captain as he hadn’t yet mastered that suit. Hoshina decided to go left, hit No. 9’s weak point, and close this chapter as quickly as possible. But No. 10 wanted to go right and test No. 9’s strength, leading to a drop in Hoshina’s strength. Soon when things turned against the two of them, Hoshina decided to follow No. 10 to survive this battle.

Kaiju No 8 Chapter 74

Kaiju No 8 Chapter 74: Release Date

Hoshina will finally understand his new weapon and how they can use it against their enemies. Kaiju No 8 Chapter 74 will release on November 10, 2022, where you can learn more about Hoshina and his powers. It will be available on the official pages of Shonen Jump, Viz Media, and MangaPlus. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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