Kengan Omega Chapter 186: Lihito’s Last Attempt! Release Date & Plot

Kengan Omega Chapter 186

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There is a lot of confusion regarding the release of Kengan Omega Chapter 186. Well, we have got you covered. As we write, no particular break has been announced in the release of this chapter. And the last outing set one of the best storylines to continue in the next one. We saw Paing was able to defend himself to the point where Lihito was getting frustrated. But as the storyline moved ahead, Lihito found the pattern and got out of the loop. Here is everything you need to know about the new chapter!

In the following chapter, Lihito will try to continue the power that he is emitting. And now, Paing will become the main character and try to come up with a strategy to stop his actions. It will be interesting to see what comes up in this fight!

Kengan Omega Chapter 186

Kengan Omega Chapter 186: What Will Happen Next?

Once again, there is an absence of plot details and spoilers for the new chapter. Thus, all the plot details shall only come out of speculations. In the next chapter, the match will continue between Lihito and Paing. Last we saw them, it was the former dominating the match. In the middle of the match, he was able to recall the advice that his master had given him. He had asked him to overlook all the technicalities of the fight.

And only focus on reaching a state of transcendence where he could start enjoying the fights. Now, Kengan Omega Chapter 186 will open with the continuation of this fight. Lihito has a big chance of winning the game. But we never know what can happen in the final moments of any match. Paing also has an equal chance of winning this big brawl.

Kengan Omega Chapter 186

Previous Chapter Recap!

The title of Kengan Omega Chapter 185 was “Shuhari.” The chapter started with the continuation of the fight between Lihito and Paing. These fighters were trying to bring an end to this madness. In the opening scene, Lihito understood that it was tough to continue the fight like this. But just as he was about to make a counterattack, he would back off and cause a distance to keep up.

After a point, it was getting irritating for Lihito. He was neither able to charge an attack nor was he able to defend himself from anyone. The final act of the chapter saw that Lihito recalled what his master had taught him. The sole purpose of fights was to reach a state of transcendence. After getting the first punch right, he was finally able to reach this state.

Kengan Omega Chapter 186

Kengan Omega Chapter 186: Release Date

Fans will not face any delay in the release of the latest chapter. Thus, the fights will continue this week without any breaks. The final release date for Kengan Omega Chapter 186 is December 1, 2022. Fans will be able to catch all the chapters of the manga only on the official pages of Kodansha. Thus, keep an eye on The Anime Daily to get all the updates right here.

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