Kengan Omega Chapter 195: What Happened To Ryuki? Release Date

Kengan Omega Chapter 195

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The piece of good news for the fans is that there is no break in the release of the new chapter. This means that Kengan Omega Chapter 195 will be coming to the screens in a matter of days. Right now, the main focus of the story is on finding Gaoh Ryuki. After his last match at the tournament, the man was not seen anywhere. A lot of members of Kengan are at work to find the man. But there is no news of him whatsoever. So, without taking much of your time, here is all you need to know about the chapter.

In the following storyline, there will be a lot of confusion. The biggest one is about the fights that we are seeing right now. Who are these fighters, and what is their relevance in the fights that are taking place? Keep reading to know all the answers right here!

Kengan omega Chapter 195Kengan omega Chapter 195

Kengan Omega Chapter 195: What Will Happen Next?

Since there is no break for the new one, fans are looking forward to reading the plot details and spoilers of the new chapter. However, the artist and makers of Kengan Omega have always refrained from sharing rough scans with the public. The last scene of the previous chapter was about a fight between Seki and Okubo, two of the most rogue fighters in the scene. However, after this also, there will come many fighters.

Right now, the entire focus of Kengan Omega Chapter 195 will be on this fight. It is only after this that there will be time and space for other fights to begin. This is after a long time since we saw more core fights in the story. Thus, the care within the readers is quite high.

Kengan omega Chapter 195Kengan omega Chapter 195

Previous Chapter Recap!

The title of Kengan Omega Chapter 194 was “Sudden News.” The chapter starts with Narushima Koga talking to his grandfather post his victory. On the other side, they also remembered the player who had gone missing after the matches. This was Gaoh Ryuki. None of the people knew what had happened to this man. Koga reached the spot where he was born and brought up. His driver insisted that it was not the right time to visit.

But Koga wanted to see what had befallen the place after such a long time. Next, they reached “The Wall of the Inside” from Rikuko Ward. By the end of the chapter, the fans are introduced to a bunch of fighters who are ready to ease into bloodshed without any hesitancy. The chapter came to an end with a strong one-on-one between Seki and Okubo.

Kengan Omega Chapter 195Kengan Omega Chapter 195

Kengan Omega Chapter 195: Release Date

Right now, no specific break has been announced for the new chapter. Thus, fans will be able to enjoy the next one in a matter of days. So, the final release date of Kengan Omega Chapter 195 is February 2, 2023. Fans will be able to catch the next one only on the official pages of Kodansha. At last, keep an eye on The Anime Daily to get all the updates right here.

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