Kengan Omega Chapter 196: Goah’s Comeback! Release Date & More

Kengan Omega Chapter 196 read

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The wait for Kengan Omega Chapter 196 is finally over. The chapter is coming out in a matter of days. And fans are pretty excited to meet with Gaoh Ryuki. The disappearance of the man changed a lot of things in the story. He was one of the only people who pumped any sense in this story. But now is the time that we see a completely different version of the man this time. It will be interesting to see how his arrival shapes the rest of the story. Here is all you need to know about the new chapter.

In the upcoming storyline, fans will come to know about all the places that Ryuki visited in his long journey. There will come a time when he explains the reason behind his departure. Keep reading further to know what is coming next!

Kengan Omega Chapter 194Kengan Omega Chapter 194

Kengan Omega Chapter 196: What Will Happen Next?

The title and plot details of the new chapter are yet to come out. However, the one storyline that everyone is waiting for is about Gaoh Ryuki. After the tournament, the man had disappeared into thin air. A lot of people from the association are looking for him. His last location has been found, but the man himself is nowhere to be seen. It seems like he could not deal with the embarrassing loss at the last match.

And the promise that he made to his loved ones was not fulfilled after this. It might be possible that he is going on a life-changing mission. The man will come out as a completely changed person. At last, it will be interesting to see how everyone reacts to his change in the final outing!

Kengan Omega Chapter 196 readKengan Omega Chapter 196 read

Previous Chapter Recap!

The title of Kengan Omega Chapter 195 was “A Martial Art Called Pro Wrestling.” The chapter started with Seki Bayashi giving his all to the fight in front of him. This was one of the first times that we see a pro wrestling fighting sequence. One after the other, attacks and counterattacks continued in the sequence. But soon enough, Okubo was able to take hold of the match. After a certain number of attacks, he was able to bring Seki to his feet.

But to his surprise, Seki said that he was holding his punches back. He claimed that Seki would have to hit harder in order to bring him to the ground. This angered Seki, and he immediately started choking his opponent. And the last scene of the chapter brought the kind of gore scene that we had not seen in a long time. Seki manages to kill his opponent in cold blood by crushing his skull into pieces.

Kengan Omega Chapter 196 readKengan Omega Chapter 196 read

Kengan Omega Chapter 196: Release Date

As we write, there has been no mention of any break for Kengan Omega Chapter 196. Thus, fans will be enjoying another fighting sequence very soon. Well, the final release date of the new chapter will be February 9, 2023. All chapters of the manga will be found only on the official pages of Kodansha. We will be sure to update this section in case of any changes. Thus, keep an eye on The Anime Daily to get all the updates of this right here.

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