Kingdom Chapter 746: Riboku & Kanki’s One On One! Release Date

Kingdom Chapter 746

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Kingdom Chapter 746 brings back the kind of action that first got fans hooked to the story of the manga. It was seen in the last chapter that Kanki was desperately trying to kill Riboku. And to some extent, he did manage to reach the point where he had a clean shot to attack the commander. However, he missed the shot by some inches. And there are no second chances in battles. So, without taking much of your time, here is everything to know about the story forth!

In the next one, fans will be able to catch up with interesting new war techniques. And the person to bring that forth is Kanki. Riboku has ordered Futei to take the clean shot on Kanki. However, it might take some time to kill the most brutal commander of the entire kingdom.

Kingdom Chapter 746Kingdom Chapter 746

Kingdom Chapter 746: What Will Happen Next?

There is a big chance that Riboku is going to take the life of Kanki. For those who are not aware, Fu Tei is one of the generals of Riboku’s army. He has been with this commander for a long time now. And he was around with him at the time of this war as well. And now is the time that he gives his due in the most crucial wars of his time. So, in the last outing, he mentions to the man to aim for Kanki.

But even Kanki has heard this order. And he is certainly not the kind of man who would come to the enemy ground without any preparation. Thus, he would have a solid plan to counter any kind of attack that is coming toward him. It will be interesting to see what a one-on-one between Kanki and Riboku looks like.

Kingdom Chapter 746Kingdom Chapter 746

Previous Chapter Recap!

The opening scene of Kingdom Chapter 745 was the most shocking part of this outing. And this was the entry of Kanki into the inner circle of Riboku. The panel showed a slight cut on Riboku’s head. But it is not clear if this is something that is going to kill him. Next, we see the fight between the Shunsuiji Army and the Gakuka Army. The latter were planning a block so that no one could breach the defense again and reach Riboku.

Soon enough, there was a loud cheer from the other part of the war. It was Ten who was the first one to understand that things were about to conclude very soon. The chapter then came back to Riboku’s side. Readers are relieved as it was the side of his left eye that got a cut. But the entire scene changed at last when Riboku ordered Futei to aim for Kanki.

Kingdom Chapter 746Kingdom Chapter 746

Kingdom Chapter 746: Release Date

The entrance of Kanki was one of the most shocking sights from the last chapter. But now, it is time to move forward with a new plan. The final release date for Kingdom Chapter 746 is January 22, 2023. All readers can catch the new chapter only on the official pages of Kodansha. Moreover, we will be sure to update this section as soon as there is any more update on this. Thus, keep an eye on The Anime Daily to get all the updates right here.

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