Kizuna No Allele Anime: Releases Next Year! New Visual, Plot Details & Premiere Date

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The world has progressed a lot, from robots serving in restaurants to the concept of cryptocurrency. Similarly, this anime is A.I. related and will surely blow your mind. It is time to add Kizuna no Allele anime to your watchlist for the coming months. It is a project that Isarabi is currently working on and is highly anticipated by almost everybody. Want to know what this anime is about? So, here is all you need to know about the next one!

Kizuna Ai started the concept of a VTuber. So, there exists no doubt that Kizuna no Allele would also be a hit in the same way that Kizuna Ai is. Kizuna no Allele is an anime adaptation by the entertainment planning company Isaribi. Here is everything you need to know about Kizuna no Allele anime.


Kizuna no Allele: New Visual Out!

A visual and the story plot for Kizuna no Allele anime were released on Wednesday. As of now, Kizuna Ai seems to be on hiatus after initially announcing this project at her virtual concert, “hello, world 2022.” The hint for Kizuna no Allele anime was foreshadowed by Kizuna Ai when she stated, “I think you’ve been hearing words such as metaverse and NFT recently. It sounds complicated but new and fun at the same time.”

The new visual also reveals “Miracle”. Kizuna Ai is also very popular as an “A.I. Channel.” She is currently on the list of “globally most respected Japanese people” with a subscriber reach of 3 million! Nozomi Kasuga had signed her role as an adviser, and she so happens to be the voice actress for Kizuna. It is interesting to see how AI VTuber is a whole concept now. Are you excited to see how the show will turn out? The new visual is right here:

kizuna no allele new visual

What Is The Plot Of The Anime?

Isarabi has revealed a synopsis of the upcoming anime. According to Isaribi, Kizuna no Allele anime’s tagline is “Your radiance is a bridge that connects everyone.” As per the publisher, the story revolves around a girl named Miracle who also wishes to be just like Kizuna Ai. She tries to become the person she wishes to be like and wants to deliver dreams and hopes to the world. She maintains her strong will and slowly moves to higher places along with her friends who share the same dreams and passion as her. Kizuna no Allele anime is Miracle’s story.

kizuna no allele

Kizuna no Allele: Release Date

Currently, there is no announcement on the release date. However, it is certain that Kizuna no Allele anime will be premiering in 2023. Considering that Kizuna Ai is well-respected and popular, audiences can look forward to how great the show is going to be. Further details and announcements about the cast, production, and others are still awaited. We will be sure to update this section as soon as there is more detail on this. Thus, keep reading The Anime Daily for more updates.

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