Lady Baby Chapter 167: Time To Shine! Release Date & Plot

Lady Baby Chapter 167

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Young Lady Calliope has seen a lot throughout her journey. But this time, for her to shine. Well, the previous chapter focused on her growing career and how she influences people in the city. But she has a serious job to do in Lady Baby Chapter 167. She might need some help to accomplish her mission. Perhaps Young Duke might be a good help. However, will he go to any extent to protect Lady Calliope? Let’s see!

The upcoming storyline will focus on Lady Calliope’s career. Well, the city admires her the most for her incredible voice. After her performance, they try to be like her. So Young Duke needs to stay alert to protect her.

Lady Baby Chapter 167

Lady Baby Chapter 167: What Will Happen Next?

It will be the perfect time for Lady Calliope to save her father. She knew that her father died when she turned 15, and now she is about to turn 15. So she must plot everything to save her father’s life. As for her singing career, she will make a bold step that will help her strengthen her bond with her company. Lady Calliope will focus on her career and soon get an invitation to perform in the palace.

Young Duke will focus on Viz temple and the recently elected priest. He wants to know the truth behind his appearance and what it has to do with the former priest. Further, the recording session has raised his doubts about the priest as he believes they have some evil motive against Lady Calliope. So he will dig deeper into this and find a way to protect his Lady.

Lady Baby Chapter 167

A Quick Recap!

In Lady Baby Chapter 166, Young Lady Calliope Rustichel was welcomed by the Viz priest to perform a folk song there. However, they started cursing her for singing folk songs and believing it could be better than Hymns. Unfortunately, Young Duke Castillo heard everything and stopped the priest in between. It led the priest to wonder about Young Duke’s connection with Lady Calliope. Priest’s inner monologue hints he started doubting Young Duke’s intention.

But he knew Duke had nothing to do with Calliope. So there was no way that he would stand for her. However, there was a chance that he wanted to surpass the temple. Perhaps he knew about he had colluded with the emperor. However, their cold war ended soon. Later, the city started admiring Lady Calliope and wanted to be like her. Meanwhile, Lady Calliope learned that her company was about to open a recording studio, and they wanted to record her composing songs. She was glad to hear it as it could help change the past.

Lady Baby Chapter 167

Lady Baby Chapter 167: Release Date

Unfortunately, Lady Baby won’t return this week too. Well, the manhwa has been on hold since October 21. But the author hasn’t yet announced the break. So we expect Lady Baby Chapter 167 to come out on November 9, 2022. It will be available to read on Naver Webtoon and Kakao page. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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