Liar Liar Anime Gets Final Release Date! Cast, Staff & All Other Updates!

Liar Liar Anime

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A Liar Liar TV Anime has been announced. GEEKTOYS is adapting Haruki Kuou’s light novel of the same name. Liar Liar is a popular light novel that also has a manga adaptation. The series is a very popular psychological fantasy game-themed work. Another example of the same category would be Classroom Of The Elite. However, Liar Liar is more of a romantic comedy involving strategy rather than a serious game with high stakes. This makes it the best of both worlds.

The light novel has more than 150,000 in circulation. It was launched in April 2019. The 12th compiled volume will release on November 25. It serializes in Kadokawa’s MF Bunko J. Funa Yukina is the Mangaka of the Manga adaptation. It started in August 2019.

Liar Liar Anime

Liar Liar Anime: New Teaser Video Out!

The official website for the anime started streaming a promotional teaser for the anime on November 18. The teaser reveals the main cast, release date, staff, and promotional visuals. Konomi, the light novel’s illustrator, released a visual to celebrate the teaser release. Funa Yukina also uploaded a celebratory visual.

Genta Nakamura will be giving his voice as Hiroto Shinohara. Further, Yukina Shutō will voice Shirayuki Himeji. Wakana Kuramochi is voicing the character of Sarasa Saionji. Satoru Ōno and Naoki Matsuura are directing the anime at GEEKTOYS. Also, Momoko Toyoda is the scriptwriter. MONACA CyberAgent is the music producer.

What Is The Plot?

The anime is set on Academy Island. Students use their wits to battle here and progress by winning points, which determine their ranking. Hiroto Shinohara is a new student who scores the best on the entrance and even defeats the current top student, Sarasa Saionji, on his first day. Also, He is the fastest to join the elite seven, the top students of Academy Island.

However, Hiroto’s secret is that he is a phony. All he has are lies and bluffs, using which he has progressed. He uses these lies to progress on the island, also helped by his cute cheat maid Shirayuki Himeji. Now, he must maintain his top position using cunning lies and cheats. However, he doesn’t know that the queen and top student of the academy, Saionji, is a phony herself. Thus, She has been doing the same. Now, they must play these mind games with extreme care!

Liar Liar Anime

Liar Liar Anime: Release Date

The Liar Liar Anime will be released in 2023. The exact release dates are yet to be released. However, It is expected to release in the fall 2023 season. Keep an eye out on the TheAnimeDaily website for further updates regarding Liar Liar and other anime and Manga!

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