Lightning Degree Chapter 138: Bi Ryuyeon Dies? Release Date & Plot

Lightning Degree Chapter 138

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The tournament is still ongoing, and now Murong and Bi Ryuyeon have to do their best to stay in the tournament and win it. Well, everyone joined this tournament to earn money and be acknowledged by the greatest swordsman. But it isn’t that easy, as they need to give them a tough fight to stay in this tournament in Lightning Degree Chapter 138. Can both of them stand against the god of swords? Keep reading to know more.

The forthcoming chapter will finally reveal the fate of Murong and his match. Will he win the tournament? Apart from this, Bi Ryuyeon is in a questionable state. He will fight with one of the greatest swordsmen to prove his worth. Meanwhile, someone’s behind him. Can he figure it out?

Lightning Degree Chapter 138

Lightning Degree Chapter 138: What Will Happen Next?

The upcoming chapter will focus on the end of the match between Murong and three absolute swordsmen. Well, Murong did his best to win the match. However, the last chapter didn’t reveal who the winner was. But deeming their state, it seems like Murong has won the match. Now it will be Bi Ryuyeon’s chance to fight against his opponent. Bi will prepare to take brutal action against his opponent.

Meanwhile, the sly person will continue to investigate Bi. He will try his best to learn as much as he can about Bi. So to acquire more details, he will meet Bi’s allies and fool them into extracting details. At the same time, Bi will be busy dealing with his opponent. He will use his deadly sword attack to chop his opponent’s head. But the swordsman will dodge this attack with his sharp blade. It will be neck-to-neck combat. Now it remains to be seen who will win the match.

Lightning Degree Chapter 138

A Quick Recap!

The 137th chapter of Lightning Degree opened up with someone getting an order to learn about Bi Ryuyeon’s background. It was a little off-beat, but the person seemed interested in Ryuyeon. Soon the scene shifted to the tournament, where Murong Hwi was covered in blood. Bi Ryuyeon called him reckless and a big show-off who didn’t know how to fight back against his opponent. But Murong’s anger had something to do with Ryuyeon, as a day before the tournament, everyone started wondering Murong might lose the tournament against the three absolute swords.

So Murong forced them to leave the place. However, he hasn’t recovered from his injury, creating an issue for him in combat. But he didn’t step back and fought with full force despite being covered in blood. However, Ryuyeon still called him reckless and believed he could have won the battle easily instead of bleeding this much. Murong’s allies also believe the same.

Lightning Degree Chapter 138

Lightning Degree Chapter 138: Release Date

Bi is unaware of the brewing trouble in his life. He will continue his journey instead of caring a fig about the situation. But will he win the match? You will learn it in Lightning Degree Chapter 138. Well, the manhwa doesn’t follow an even release pattern. So it remains unclear when it will come out. But deeming the past releases, we expect it will release on November 24, 2022. You can read it on Naver Webtoon and Kakao page. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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