Lookism Chapter 423: ‘The Promised Boy’! Sinu Han Arrives Finally? Plot & Release Date

Lookism Chapter 423

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The last chapter saw that Sinu Han is back again. Now Fans are curious to know what the next chapter will bring to the table. In the latest chapter, the fight between Yohan and Yuseong continued. Yohan beats him so badly that Yuseong experiences fear for the first time. Yohan fought so intensely that even Eugene doubted if he is the same Yohan he knew. Certainly, Yohan has improved a lot since his last fight. While the fight went on, the god of battle appeared. He warned them not to hurt their loved ones. Now, what’s next? Lookism Chapter 423 has all the answers. Here is everything you need to know about the plot & release date!

The next chapter will focus on Sinu Han. The story left on a cliffhanger after his arrival. But readers still want to know where Daniel is. Fans on Reddit are even joking if he will come after 100+ chapters. While they wait for Daniel, it seems that Vasco will arrive sooner. Though, will he appear in Chapter 423? Keep reading to know everything!

Lookism Chapter 423

Lookism Chapter 423: What Will Happen Next?

There is no doubt that Sinu Han will join the fight in the coming chapter. He is pained to see loved ones fighting among themselves. He wants to put an end to all the conflict. It will be interesting to see if Sinu takes on over all the workers alone. But the workers won’t dare to take him one on one. He is, after all, the battle God.  Maybe while Sinu finishes them, little Daniel will finally arrive. Fans may also pray for Zack to come. For the last few chapters, fans were long hoping for their favorite characters to come to the screen.

But none appeared so far, except Sinu Han. However, Yohan and Yuseong’s fate is still uncertain. This is the first time Eugene is seeing his brother going all out on an opponent. This fact alone explains that Yohan has improved a lot. Is he on par with Yoeseong, then? Eugene might tell Ryuhei to capture Yohan if he loses. The next chapter has all the answers!

Lookism Chapter 423

Previous Chapter Recap!

The previous chapter, Lookism Chapter 422, continued the battle between Yohan and Yuseong. Yohan felt like he was at his limit. But he gave the last fist, trapping Yuseong. Meanwhile, Eugene was seeing the battle from the sides. He was impressed. Eugene wished that Yohan should realize what he did. Yohan actually managed to defeat a person who is as strong as a Gen-1 King. He wondered when the four gangs became so powerful. Eugene asked if Johan was doing this for his mom. He knew that everyone was doing it for their family. 

While he picked up his brother, Johan gave a final CQC blow. Fortunately, Yuseong protected Eugene with the last of his might. Eugene then ordered his goons to finish the Big Deal. However, Sinu arrived in the picture. He asked them to cease fighting. Mandeok warned everyone to stay on their guard, as Sinu is known as the God of battle. But Sinu claimed that everybody knows him by one title — The Promised Boy.

Lookism Chapter 423

Lookism Chapter 423: Release Date

Now that Sinu has arrived, fans are thrilled for the next outing. The raw translation of Lookism Chapter 423 chapter is out. But it will take some time for the international audience to get their hands on chapter 423. There are speculations that the English translation may be out by November 25, 2022. But this is just a prediction. In the meantime, fans can catch up on all the latest chapters on the official pages of Kakaopage and Webtoon. In case of any update, we will notify you as soon as there is a piece of news. Keep checking back on this page. Stay tuned to The Anime Daily!

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