Lookism Chapter 425: The Trio Arrives! Big Deal Is Winning? Plot & Release Date

Lookism Chapter 425

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The fight is heating up, and fans can’t wait to catch up on the next chapter of Lookism. The last chapter saw that Daniel Park arrived to save Big Deal. Sinu Han was tired of disposing of all the workers. And he was about to lose any minute. However, the Burn Knuckles and Vasco also came in support of Big Deal. This time Vasco chose to be with the Big Deal. Fans had long wished for all these people to come together. Chapter 424 has finally fulfilled this. Meanwhile, the workers seem to be on the losing side. Eugene desperately compared Zack, Daniel, and Vasco to the first-generation kings. Will the workers make it out safe? Lookism Chapter 425 has all the answers. Here is all you need to know about it!

The next chapter will see workers figuring out how to deal with Big Deal and Burn Knuckles. Vasco will continue the fight with his long-known rival. Meanwhile, Daniel will show his skills. He was absent from most of the recent chapters. So what training was he undergoing? Keep reading to find out!

Lookism Chapter 425

Lookism Chapter 425: What Will Happen Next?

Lookism Chapter 425 will revolve around three fights. Workers will find it difficult to finish Big Deal as the trio enters the streets. Daniel has improved the most of the three. Even the fighters could see the difference in the skill. He is not the same as everyone knew a month before. Even if he is small physically, he has trained to focus on speed. This had a positive result, as fans saw Daniel making more impact on the workers with his quick attacks.

On the enemy’s side, many have burnt out from all the fighting. Sinu Han is also tired. So, it seems that the next chapter will set the stage for Daniel. But Zack will also get his screen time. He has trained with the Buddhist Monks to improve his skills. Thus, he is able to remain calm and think critically during heated situations. The trio will officially remove the workers from the four major gangs since they are causing too much ruckus.

Lookism Chapter 425

Previous Chapter Recap!

Lookism Chapter 424 showed Big Deal getting backups for the fight. Vasco and his Burn Knuckles group arrived. The gang instantly started giving blows to the workers. Meanwhile, Vasco faced Jin and Hwang. The panel then turned to a flashback where his master Brekdak said he had nothing to teach Vasco anymore. Right then, Vasco smashed Jin and Hwang while they yelled. On the other side, Zack had to deal with Kenta. He wondered how Zack had changed so quickly. While he crushed Kenta, Daniel confronted Taegon. Earlier at the hotel, Wi Taegon could easily strike him down and considered him a boring opponent. But this time, he couldn’t leave a scratch on Daniel. After bringing him to his knees, Daniel walked towards Xiaolung.

Even with a weapon in his hand, Xiaolung couldn’t beat him. Daniel used the destruction technique on him. Meanwhile, Vasco was fighting Mandeok. He stated that he would lose if Vasco did not go all out. But then, Zack arrived out of nowhere and deflected his assaults. The panel turned to a flashback, where a Monk asked Zack to show his boxing skill. Suddenly, Eugene tried to use the opportunity to attack Zack from behind. However, Daniel blocked the attack with a kick. Eugene concluded the chapter by arguing that the trio resembles the first generation of rulers.

Lookism Chapter 425

Lookism Chapter 425: Release Date

Eugene will now try to find a way around the Trio. But how will he win in the face of overwhelming powers? Lookism Chapter 425 has all the answers. The next chapter could be returning in the coming week. As per the release pattern, it may come out by December 3, 2022. However, this is just speculation. The official release date is yet to be out. Meanwhile, fans can catch up on all the chapters on the official pages of Naver, Webtoon, and Kakaopages. Keep an eye on The Anime Daily to stay updated. Stay Tuned!

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