Lookism Chapter 435: Who Is Daniel’s Father? Plot & Release Date

Lookism Chapter 435

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Chapter 434 of Lookism is a heart-stopper! Daniel learns his mom has known about Jinyoung Park for years. But the mystery deepens as Diego hints Jinyoung holds important secrets. Meanwhile, Daniel’s mom gets a huge shock upon seeing the picture. What secrets does Jinyoung hold, and how will they affect our characters? Here is all you need to know about Lookism Chapter 435 plot and release date!

Next time in Lookism, Daniel will try to join all the dots together. He wants to know what business Jinyoung has with his family. The next one has some amazing outings to come. So keep reading to find out all the details right here! 

Lookism Chapter 435Lookism Chapter 435

Lookism Chapter 435: What Will Happen Next?

In Lookism Chapter 435, the plot takes a sharp turn. It becomes clear that Jinyoung and Daniel’s father were not just acquaintances. But they were partners in some illegal activities together. Daniel, who was trying to uncover the truth about his father, finds out that his father had connections in the Big Deal. It the a criminal organization run by Hyung Nim. Diego Kang tries to warn Daniel about the dangerous path he’s treading on. 

But Daniel wants to uncover the truth and save his father’s reputation. He decides to confront Hyung Nim, who reveals that Jinyoung and Daniel’s father were partners in crime. But Jinyoung betrayed him and took all the credit, leading to his father’s downfall and death. The chapter ends with a cliffhanger, as Daniel is in a tough spot. He’s torn between his loyalty to his father and the reality that his father was working in illegal activities. Meanwhile, Hyung Nim is closing in on Daniel. And the fate of Samuel Seo and Johan Seong is still unknown.

Lookism Chapter 435Lookism Chapter 435

A Quick Recap!

In Lookism Chapter 434, Daniel found out that his mother knew about Jinyoung Park. And she had been keeping secrets from him. Diego Kang confirmed this. He believed that Jinyoung held important secrets that Park Hyung Suk’s mother could help uncover. When Daniel showed his mother a picture of Jinyoung, she was shocked. She asked for the name of the person who gave it to Daniel. She later revealed that Jinyoung had lost everything because of a certain man and begged Daniel not to go to Seoul. 

Daniel was poised to find out more about his father and came across a photo of him with Jinyoung, who was his best friend. Meanwhile, Hyung Nim, the leader of the Big Deal and Lineman discussed the situation with Song Hwang, Samuel Seo, and Johan Seong. They had been caught by workers. Lineman reminded Hyung Nim that he needed to take responsibility for the situation. And he asked to introduce him to the President who had helped them earlier. However, Hyung Nim had doubts about his ability to save them.

Lookism Chapter 435Lookism Chapter 435

Lookism Chapter 435: Release Date

Lookism Chapter 435 will release this week. New chapters come out every week on Webtoon, Naver, and Kakaopage. Chapter 435 will release by February 15, 2023. You can catch the chapter on the official pages of Naver, Webtoon, and Kakaopage. However, the English scanlations may take some time to be out. For more updates, keep checking back on this page. Stay tuned to The Anime Daily!

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