Magical Girl Destroyers Anime Reveals A New Trailer, Mobile Game Is In Development, Release Date & More

Magical Girl Destroyers TV Anime

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Who doesn’t like to preserve their culture and maintain peace? But the courageous are the ones who actually fight to preserve and restore their culture. When it comes to otaku culture, anime fans are sure to be interested. Yes! This is the year of otaku as well as anime fans since the previously announced Magical Girl Destroyers anime has finally released an update. The otaku hero will finally appear on the screen to save the otaku culture and amaze the fans with his skills and adventures. Will it be released soon? Where will it be streamed? Who will cast in it? Here is all you need to know.

Last year, the official website for Magical Girl Destroyers Anime announced its release and tentative release date. Along with the announcement, it has revealed its first key visual and its staff and the cast. Under the direction of Hiroshi Ikehata, the anime will most probably be released this year. Bibury Animation Studio will produce the series. But, there has been rumors of some new development in the gaming area regarding anime. Will it be the production of a new game based on the storyline of the anime? Let’s see what the fuss is all about.

Magical Girl Destroyers Anime

Magical Girl Destroyers Anime: Reveals A New Trailer

This week, the official website released a new trailer that revealed more of the anime’s plot and piqued the interest of fans. Otaku is worth fighting for but will the otaku hero will be able to make the world realize this and be successful in preserving the culture? The trailer left fans wondering what the anime’s plot would be and who would star in it. Along with the announcement, the official website has not only released the trailer but there is also the news of a new game. The game’s production details have not been fully disclosed.

The free-to-play mobile game Magical Girl Destroyers KAI will let you take control of the heroines of the future series. A new trailer reveals the appearance of the show’s three main heroines. Along with a slew of other characters who will only be available in the game. Peace, voiced by Sumire Uesaka, is the game’s first playable character revelation. Uesaka’s upcoming track “Rebellion” from her album LOVE CRAZY will serve as the game’s main theme. Both the standard and special editions of LOVE CRAZY will come with a code that can be redeemed for a digital item. At some point this year, the game will be released in Japan. The release date for the entire world has not been announced.

What Is The Anime About?

The anime takes place in 2008, and it follows the story of four otakus who want to fight for freedom after a mysterious power has begun eradicating otaku culture in Japan. Otaku Hero adores both Akiba, Japan, and otaku culture. A fierce battle erupts between the SCC and its leader, Shobon, and the opposition, known as the Akiba Revolutionary Army. Three magical girls named Anarchy, Pink, and Blue help Otaku Hero since they are fans of Otaku Hero.

The guiding principle behind Otaku Hero is, “Let’s battle together for a world where chaos and order are eradicated, and we can say that we like what we like as much as we want! Gather beneath the banner of liberty, my brother otaku, and let the otaku counterculture reclaim your stolen culture!”

Magical Girl Destroyers Anime

Magical Girl Destroyers Anime: Release Date

It’s worth fighting for, but can the otaku hero convince the outside world of this and ensure the survival of otaku? Beginning in 2023, the series will air on Mainichi Broadcasting System and other Japanese stations. The official release date is yet unknown. The new mobile game, however, will not be available for pre-registration until further update.

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