Martial Master Chapter 549: Coming Or Not? Will Qin Chen Win? Plot & Release Date

Martial Master Chapter 549

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Is Martial Master Chapter 549 finally coming? Last year, the author abruptly wrapped up the manhua with chapter 548. The last chapter ended in the middle of a fight. Qin Chen has a new threat. A new opponent has risen. And it’s none other than Hei Nu from the Martial city. Qin Chen was nowhere getting close to taking his revenge. Meanwhile, the master had learned to count his fifth-order formation. So, what will he do now?  As with other unfinished manhuas, fans worry that Martial Master will suffer the same fate. However, we have all the updates you need!

The next chapter will continue the fight. Will Qin be able to defeat the master? He has come a long way since he was reborn. Now he can’t back down. But fans don’t need to fret. It seems he still has some trick up his sleeve. Thus, keep reading to find out!

Martial Master Chapter 549

Martial Master Chapter 549: What Will Happen Next?

Martial Master Chapter 549 will conclude the fight between young Qin Chen and his opponent. Hua Tiandu personally went to The Five Nations to track him down and kill him. Meanwhile, Tiandu’s father, Hua Sheng, thinks he is dead. Now the vice patriarch will send his men to the country. It will be interesting to see which group gets their hand on Qin Chen first. He is, after all, a teenager. The patriarch is enraged and startled by the fact that a teenager is sabotaging them. They are suspicious that Dixin City and Tianheng Academy may be behind this. How will the diplomacy between the nations take shape now? The Luxian Sect will try its best to eliminate The Five Nations now.

However, Hua Sheng must not be impulsive. People of Pill Pavillion and the Blood Shrine of the Wei Dynasty are also there. It is strictly forbidden in the Xua province to lay hands on The Five Nations. If they do attack the nation, both the dynasty will be furious. But then, will Hua Sheng forget about his supposedly dead son? Qin Chen killed his son and their people. So, in this case, the Pill Pavillion and Blood Shrine may not intervene. However, Ge Xuan is already on the move to the Five Nations. Will Qin Chen survive the conflict that is about to come? The next chapter will unfold!

Martial Master Chapter 549

Previous Chapter Recap!

Martial Master Chapter 548 was about the fight between Black Slave and Qin Chen. During the hide and seek, Qin stole his green lotus demon fire. He even destroyed his Qi devouring insects and humiliated the Black slave. But eventually, Hua Nu used a spirit-seeking insect to track him down. At the same time, he realized Qin was well aware that he was being followed. Hua Nu realized that it was all his scheme. Meanwhile, the fight continued. Back in the city, Qin Chen was never able to attack him. Now, Hua Nu couldn’t dodge his attacks.

However, Hua Nu quickly dominated the fight. Qin wondered what kind of technique he was using. Hua Nu saw potential in him. He realized that Qin’s formation was at least above the fifth order. Soon, Qin got the upper hand again. He brought Hua Nu to his knees. However, a fifth-order formation wasn’t enough to win the fight against the Master. The chapter ended with a cliffhanger.

Martial Master Chapter 549

Martial Master Chapter 549: Release Date

Fans can catch all the chapters on the official pages of Webtoon and Kakaopage. Sadly, Martial Master Chapter 549 won’t be out any time soon. The creator has hinted about funding issues. Therefore, the manhua is on a break. There seems to be no update on any new chapter as of November 2022. Meanwhile, fans can check the Martial Master light novel. It continues the story well and beyond chapter 548 of manhua. However, we will update you as soon as there is news. Just keep checking back only on this page. Stay tuned to The Anime Daily!

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