Migi & Dali Anime: New Trailer Hints At Twin’s Revenge, Release Date & More


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Prepare yourself, anime fans, for a new revenge anime! Migi & Dali anime is a new anime based on Nami Sano’s manga series of the same name. The story revolves around two twin brothers, Migi & Dali, who want to avenge their mother’s death by disguising themselves. The anime will surely captivate the fans with its fascinating storyline and stunning animation by Geektoys. Without taking much of your time, here is all you need to know about anime!

The show’s unique blend of mystery and revenge promises to keep viewers on the edge of their seats. The new anime shall bring some of the most exciting plotlines to the floors with the release of the animated version!


Migi & Dali Anime: New Teaser & Visual OUT!

Migi & Dali has released its second teaser trailer, which offers a preview of the show’s supporting characters. The trailer shows Shunpei Akiyama, Maruta Tsutsumi, and Eiji Ichijo, who will play important roles in the story. This teaser shows more of what viewers can expect from the upcoming series and gives fans a taste of the unique blend of mystery and revenge that the show promises to offer.

The main staff of Migi & Dali anime includes Mankyuu as director and Ayumi Nishihata as character designer. Hiroko Sebu is composing the music for the series. FRONTIER ENGINE x GEEKTOYS is handling the animation production, with production assistance provided by CompTown. The latest trailer has generated positive feedback from fans, who are eagerly waiting for the release of the anime.

Migi & Dali AnimeMigi & Dali Anime

Plot Details!

Migi & Dali anime takes place in the early 1990s in Oregon Village. The story revolves around two beautiful twin boys, Migi and Dali, who live in an orphanage. The twins assume a single identity and switch places to seek revenge for their mother’s death, as they believe that someone from the residential area murdered her. To accomplish their mission, they infiltrate Oregon Village and live with the Sonoyama family, who adopt the boys as their own children.

When the twins infiltrate the village, they assume the identity of Hitori. The Sonoyama family finds Hitori fascinating due to his beauty and intelligence. However, Hitori has a big secret and a terrible purpose. Hitori is actually the twins, Migi and Dali, who switch places and work together to seek the truth behind their mother’s death. The story explores the theme of revenge, love, and the bond between siblings.

migi & dali animemigi & dali anime

Migi & Dali Anime: Release Date

As of now, the exact release date for the Migi & Dali anime has not yet been revealed. However, it is expected to premiere this fall. Anime fans can expect to see the twin brothers in action as they seek revenge for their mother’s death. With the highly skilled staff of Geektoys x Frontier Engine production, fans are expecting an amazing and thrilling anime adaptation that will stay true to the source material. At last, watch The Anime Daily to get all updates on this right here.

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