Mushoku Tensei Chapter 87: On Break Until February! Release Date

Mushoku Tensei Chapter 87

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The last chapter had fans squealing over Rudeus and Sylphy. Their cute romantic moments melt everyone’s heart. Rudeus is now living in a way he could never have in his past life. In the other world, he became a shut-in during middle school due to constant bullying. But now, at the Magic Academy, he is the alpha male! This is a major turning point in the story. He is now mingling with students from diverse cultures, flirting with hot girls, and helping out others, none of which he could do in the past. Thus, fans look forward to more growth in his school life. However, the manga is now on a big break! When is it returning? Here is everything you need to know Mushoku Tensei Chapter 87 Plot & Release Date

Norn and Aisha have come to visit Rudeus. After a long time, they are on the screen. What could have made fans happier? But when they spotted Ruijerd again, escorting the girls, fans erupted in cheers! The coming chapter will play on their dynamics. So, Keep reading to find out more.

Mushoku Tensei Chapter 87

Mushoku Tensei Chapter 87: What Will Happen Next?

Chapter 87 will focus on Norn and Aisha spending their time in Sharia. It will be a great time for Rudeus to bond with his sisters, especially Norn. Rudeus will need to take some time to understand his siblings. The last time Norn saw him beating Paul, she developed a general hatred towards Rudeus. She also fears that Rudeus may beat her and become violent. In Mushoku Tensei Chapter 86, it was pretty evident when Norn saw Rudeus in a drunk state and became anxious.

On the other hand, Aisha is smart and very friendly with Rudeus. Her view of Rudeus changed in the Shirone Kingdom when he saved her and Lilia. Thus, Rudeus won’t have a hard time dealing with her in chapter 87. Instead, she may help Norn and Rudeus reconcile. Meanwhile, the next chapter may not explore Rudeus and Ruijerd’s reunion much. He only came to escort the girls. Now that his job is over, he may depart on his journey again.

Mushoku Tensei Chapter 87

A Quick Recap!

The title of chapter Mushoku Tensei Chapter 86 was ‘celebration’. The episode started with Nanahoshi showing other students and Rudeus her new magic circle. She received a lot of suggestions and finally made one. Nanahoshi asked Rudeus to activate it. And luckily, it worked. The magic circle was able to connect with the other world. She finally felt relieved since it appeared that using the magic circle would allow her to travel back to the other world. She thanked Rudeus for helping out. Elinalise teased Rudeus as he mildly flirted with Nanahoshi.

Later the group went to a tavern to celebrate the achievement. It was a treat from Nanahoshi’s end. Sylphy also came for the treat. She was getting jealous and pouting when Rudeus gave more attention to Nanahoshi. Thus, he cuddled her and patted on her head. Nanahoshi was embarrassed seeing them do such things in public. Everyone was chilled out and relaxed. Afterward, Rudeus and Sylphy went home. On their way, they saw two girls fighting. It was Rudeus’s siblings. They came over to stay with him for a while. The chapter ended after Rudeus was surprised at seeing Ruijerd.

Mushoku Tensei Chapter 87

Mushoku Tensei Chapter 87: Release Date

Sadly, chapter 86 was the last of 2022. The manga is on a three-month break. So, fans won’t be able to catch any new chapters in the winter. Time to hibernate until the next chapter? Mushoku Tensei Chapter 87 will come out in February 2023. No exact date is out yet. But The Anime Daily team will update you as usual. Just keep checking back on this page. Stay tuned!

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