My Dress-Up Darling Chapter 85: Ladies’ Photoshoot! Release Date & Plot

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Juju had been talking to everyone about her skepticism about the cosplaying hobby. She thought that this hobby does not go a long way. But her mother and fellow cosplayers told her that this hobby was worth having. Now that she is finally at peace with this, My Dress-Up Darling Chapter 85 will show Shinju in her best form. The chapter is in line with a final release date this week. As of the last update, there is no break in the release of the new chapter. So, without taking much of your time, here is all you need to know about the chapter.

In the upcoming chapter, fans will see that there are lots of ideas showering over the photographer. Now that Juju is finally enjoying her work, she would want the picture to look good. For a change, a confident and smart Juju will make up for a good storyline this week!

My Dress-Up Darling Season 2My Dress-Up Darling Season 2

My Dress-Up Darling Chapter 85: What Will Happen Next?

There is no break in the release of the new chapter. Juju has been the highlight of the story for the longest time. And the last chapter presented the final outing for this character. Gojo convinced her to cosplay as a ghost nun. Even though she was nervous, the outcome of the dress-up came out to be wonderful. Now, it was time for the last stage of cosplaying was to take pictures.

In the last act of the previous chapter, Gojo convinced all the ladies to play along and take some pictures. Thus, My Dress-Up Darling Chapter 85 will take a look at this outing. It will be interesting to see what the end result will come out to be. Will Juju finally embrace her liking for cosplaying from now on?

My Dress-Up Darling Chapter 85 (1)My Dress-Up Darling Chapter 85 (1)

Previous Chapter Recap!

Chapter 84 of My Dress-Up Darling started with all three ladies dressing up as horror nuns. As we see them, Gojo was happy with the work that he was able to pull off. He told Shinju that she was smiling a little too much. She did confess that it was embarrassing to act like a horror star. But she was happy that her actions were making Mila happy as well. Everyone was shocked to see that she was a completely different person from the one that they were seeing.

But Shinju was again facing troubles with her self-esteem. She kept asking who she was. And Gojo answered that she was a super awesome cosplayer. Later on, she finally gathered the courage to face the camera and posed for some pictures. At last, she said that she wanted some pictures with Akira and Marin.

My Dress-Up Darling Chapter 85 (1)My Dress-Up Darling Chapter 85 (1)

My Dress-Up Darling Chapter 85: Release Date

Most of the time of the break has already passed. Meaning that fans will be seeing the chapter very soon. The final release date of My Dress-Up Darling Chapter 85 is December 15, 2022. Fans will be able to catch all the chapters of the manga only on the official pages of Kodansha. At last, keep an eye on The Anime Daily to get all the updates on this right here.

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