My Hero Academia Chapter 377: Break is OVER! Release Date & Plot

My Hero Academia Chapter 377

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Recently the Shueisha Publication took a break for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. And fans couldn’t wait to read the upcoming Chapter 377. However, the holidays are over, and all the hurdles are gone. But the challenges are far from over for our heroes. They will need the plan to counter Dabi. He is dead set on wiping them out. So how will the author chart out the next storyline? Here is all you need to know about My Hero Academia Chapter 377 plot and release date!

In the next chapter, the shockwaves of war will shift to Kurogiri. Last time he awoke from his rest, and now things have changed. The situation has turned in AFO and PLF’s favor. Thus, keep reading to find out more!

My Hero Academia Chapter 377My Hero Academia Chapter 377

My Hero Academia Chapter 377: What Will Happen Next?

My Hero Academia chapter 377 will center on UA grounds and Gunga Mountains. AFO won’t stay in Gunga voluntarily, so Hawks must imprison him. If AFO reaches UA, it will end the school’s already slim prospects of winning. Meanwhile, Toga may face Uraraka and the other hero pupils. Hawks, on the other hand, may battle Twice clones to repent for his acts against Bubaigawara. With his current stats, he may need Tokoyami’s help again.

Eraser Head will appear once again in the manga. And readers will be able to see him in action as he attempts to stop Twice’s clones from giving the heroes any more hurdles. More crucially, it seems as though Shigaraki is regaining control of his mental faculties, which most likely indicates that All For One is losing its grip on him. It’s quite probable that the battle between Dabi and Endeavor will finish on a fatal note. Who will live between the father and son? Only chapter 377 will unfold!

My Hero Academia Chapter 377My Hero Academia Chapter 377

A Quick Recap!

The title of My Hero Academia Chapter 376 was ‘A Storm To A Flower.’ The chapter opened in a different portal as Asui and Uraraka were falling into it. The setting was ablaze and there were Twin clones everywhere. In the midst of it all, Uraraka expressed his inability to convey his feelings for Toga in words. Toga, however, swiftly responded that she had no lingering feelings of love. In the meantime, many Pro Heroes and UA Students were attempting to cope with Dabi’s blazing flames and Twice clones. At that moment, Jiro and Tokoyami noticed Asui and Uraraka.

Jiro thought that Toga was responsible for the Twice clones. Tokoyami, however, saw the chaos and declared that the war now between Endeavor and Dabi. Endeavor noticed Shoto’s action of setting fire to Dabi’s chest and questioned him on the subject. In his words, he had intended to present Shoto’s body as a gift but had been unable to do so. All For One, meanwhile, expressed his own thoughts on the situation with a grin.

My Hero Academia Chapter 377My Hero Academia Chapter 377

My Hero Academia Chapter 377: Release Date 

Fans don’t need to fret as My Hero Academia Chapter 377 will come out this week. The chapter will come in the upcoming issue of Shueisha’s Shonen Jump magazine. Chapter 377 is officially slated to release on January 7, 2023. Fans can check out all the chapters on Viz Media. For more updates, stay tuned to The Anime Daily!

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