My Master Has No Tail Episode 12: Bunko Grows Closer To Humans? Release Date & Plot

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Episode 11 of My Master Has No Tail gave a very important backstory on how Bunko became a rakugoka. Bunko is also seen in her original demon form and how she used to dislike humans in the same way that Mameda used to. However, it seems she has warmed up to humans now. My Master Has No Tail Episode 12 will most likely look into how Bunko will warm up to humans and how her character develops. So, without taking much of your time, here are the latest details on the upcoming episode.

In the following episode, the beginning of Mameda’s next test conduction will take place. Will Mameda be able to pass the test? The character of a new master will also be an interesting character to meet. Fans will be able to learn more about him soon too.

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My Master Has No Tail Episode 12: What Will Happen Next?

The next episode’s title is “There’s No Point To You Being Interesting.” According to the preview, Mamaeda’s next test is being conducted by Master Utaroku, who also happens to be very close to Master Bunchou himself. The following episode will see if Mameda can pass the test arranged for her.

Moreover, the preview shows Bunko balancing trays of food and drinks on her body which might be a part of the test. Bunko is also seen as being disappointed about something. What could Bunko possibly be disappointed and upset about? The previous episode also saw Bunko reflecting on how she had met Mameda. It will also be interesting to see how close the two get to each other.

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Previous Episode Recap!

My Master Has No Tail Episode 11 was titled “Let My Art End With You.” The entire episode was a flashback that showed Bunko’s teacher narrating an old tale about a magical fox named Bunko who used to live in Ise. She was worshipped and was very valued. However, development destroyed the shrine, and Bunko’s teacher, Bunchou Daikoukoutei, asked Bunko to be his apprentice. Enshi is disappointed at Bunchou for taking in Bunko as an apprentice, and a rivalry starts.

Bunko also struggles to fit in and wishes to take revenge against humans. Her teacher tells her that she needs to become a rakugoka. Bunchou tells her that he loves humans despite disliking them. His feelings towards them changed once he met Bunko. The little conversation by Bunchou leads to Bunko fitting in better and growing closer to everyone in the hall. She decides that not all humans are imperfect. The episode ends with Bunchou telling her to let his art die with her and passes away.

my master has no tail episode 12 preview.v1my master has no tail episode 12 preview.v1

My Master Has No Tail Episode 12: Release Date

Episode 12 of My Master Has No Tail will be released on December 16, 2022. Be sure to check out the episode as soon as it releases! Stay updated with The Anime Daily for more.

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