Nano Machine Chapter 132: Lord Jong Forgets His Child! Release Date & Plot

Nano Machine Chapter 132

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The last few chapters focused on the past life of Cheon Yoo Jong and how he dealt with everything. Now that fans have learned why he behaves like this, it will be easy for them to relate to his grief. However, things will be challenging when he forgets everything in Nano Machine Chapter 132. It indeed leaves a huge impact on him, and now only Crown Prince can help him remember everything. But will he help Jong? There’s a possibility that Crown Prince uses this as a lucrative opportunity to end Yong’s chapter. Can he? Keep reading to know more.

The 132nd chapter will continue to focus on Cheon Yoo Jong and how he will deal with the aftereffect of the divine blood reversal. He will continue to fight with his enemies and will forget about other things. His motive will also change in the forthcoming chapter. But will he remember everything in the future?

Nano Machine Chapter 132

Nano Machine Chapter 132: What Will Happen Next?

The following chapter will focus on the aftereffect of the divine blood reversal gathering technique. Well, he used that technique to kill all six clans in order to protect his son. But instead of seeing phantoms this time, he lost his memories. Now he doesn’t know he has a son and a wife named Hwa Yeon. All he knows is about his mom and brother, who sacrificed their lives to protect him.

But it wasn’t the truth. Jong will eventually lose his child in the forthcoming chapter, but he won’t regret it as he has lost all of his memories. Back to the present, he will again use the divine blood reversal gathering technique to fight against the Crown Prince. But while using this technique, he will get some flashbacks of his past which will help him recognize the Crown Prince.

Nano Machine Chapter 132

A Quick Recap!

In the 131st chapter of Nano Machine, Cheon Yoo Jong lost the battle against Hang Yeon. It became challenging for Yoo Jong to attack Hang with his full force. Hang even mocked Jong and claimed that he would destroy the demonic cult. But the thought of his loved man, especially his beloved wife, made him use the heavenly blood reversal technique. Soon he started charging at Hang like a wild beast, leaving Hang to retreat to save his clan. But when he returned to the cult, he learned the devastating news. His beloved wife, Hwa Yeon, died because of micro poison. Jong couldn’t handle the situation and was eager to learn who poisoned her.

But couldn’t learn it. So Jong locked himself in seclusion until the aftereffect of the divine blood reversal gathering technique wore off. He started seeing phantom and ghostly voices that made it difficult for him to move on. However, after spending a few months in seclusion, he returned with a cold demeanor. Now he wanted to protect his child, as he couldn’t lose him. But Jong also wanted to learn who had poisoned his wife and child. So he used young Jong as bait to lure his target. A few years later, young Jong made his place in the academy. It was the right time for Jong to gather his forces and kill the six clans who had wanted to destroy his family.

Nano Machine Chapter 132

Nano Machine Chapter 132: Release Date

Jong needs to relax a bit before jumping to any conclusion. He had seen a lot in his past, and now the pain would help him win the battle against his enemies. But in this bloodthirst, will he kill the Crown Prince? You will learn this in Nano Machine Chapter 132, which will come out on November 25, 2022. You can catch it on Naver Webtoon and Kakao pages. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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