Nano Machine Chapter 133: Crown Prince Victory! Release Date & Plot

Nano Machine Chapter 133

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Dreaming about the demised family member isn’t problematic but believing they are still alive counts in trouble. The same thing happened with the cult leader Cheon Yoo Jong. He is living a life following his demised brother’s order which has already created chaos. Well, he had a troublesome childhood that corrupted his mind, and now he didn’t know what was right for him. But in Nano Machine Chapter 133, everything will change. Keep reading to know more.

The upcoming chapter will focus on the victory of the Crown Prince and how he will manage to deal with the cult. He has been trying hard to prove his worth. But the cult leader underestimated him several times. However, the situation will be different in the following chapter. Apart from this, the Crown Prince will learn a crucial piece of information leading him to solve the mystery.

Nano Machine Chapter 133

Nano Machine Chapter 133: What Will Happen Next?

The upcoming chapter will continue from where it left off. The Crown Prince defeated the cult leader and rescued him from the aftereffect of the divine blood reversal gathering technique. But during this battle, he discovered the main culprit behind Jong’s condition. The Crown Prince cornered him to interrogate him. There he will learn the traitor didn’t belong to their clan.

He wanted to destroy the heavenly demon clan and had been working to destroy it from the inside. The person was the one who manipulated the cult leader to destroy the heavenly demon’s library. He also wanted to destroy all the six small and big clans. After learning the truth, the Crown Prince will order the great guardian to handle him. Meanwhile, Jong will return to his normal self and grieve his loss.

Nano Machine Chapter 133

A Quick Recap!

The 132nd chapter of Nano Machine opened up with the cult leader using the divine blood reversal gathering technique again despite knowing its aftereffect would be dangerous. That’s what happened to him. He forgot everything, especially about his wife and kid. The cult leader fainted amid the war before the great guardian came to wake him up. He revealed that their enemy had retreated, and now they could leave the place. Cheon Yoo Jong then saw a ghost of his demised stepbrother Yu Jung. He asked Jong to focus on his clan as he needed to correct it.

Jung corrupted Jong’s mind and started living with him. Since then, the cult leader believed he needed to correct the clan and balance the sect. Soon the scene shifted to the present time, where Jong again tried to use the divine blood reversal gathering technique. He was determined to kill everyone in the clan as he believed they were traitors. However, the Crown Prince saved everyone from the wrath of Jong. He later used electric energy to heal Jong. His attempt was successful, and he managed to save their cult leader and learned that everyone just wanted to protect him. They didn’t see him as a liability that was a relief for the Crown Prince.

Nano Machine Chapter 133

Nano Machine Chapter 133: Release Date

Now everything will be in the Crown Prince’s hands. He needs to change everything and make their clan stronger than ever. But is it the end of Jong’s era? You will learn it in Nano Machine Chapter 133, which will release on December 2, 2022. You can catch it on Naver Webtoon and Kakao pages. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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