Nano Machine Chapter 134: Crown Prince Cleans Demonic Sword Clan! Release Date

Nano Machine Chapter 134

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Since Lord exposed himself while fighting against the Crown Prince, everyone in the clan prefers to stay beside the Crown Prince. Although the Lord has done a lot for them and protected them from thick and thin, he failed to be a good leader. After being manipulated by the traitors, he’s now nothing in front of the Crown Prince in Nano Machine Chapter 134. Let’s see how things will move now.

The forthcoming plotline will focus on the Crown Prince’s decision. He finally finds the traitor in his clan and resolves its mystery. Now he wants to clean it and deal with all the backstabbers. But will it be easy? Further, he needs to protect his clan and Lord from falling prey to the rebellion’s clan.

Nano Machine Chapter 134

Nano Machine Chapter 134: What Will Happen Next?

After defeating Buju Sword Clan’s leader, the Crown Prince commands his army to infiltrate the clan and bring all the people into the Demon Sword Clan. If someone goes against them or tries to rebel, they are free to take action against them. The army can also kill people who deny following his orders. He wants to clean the clan and punish the traitors.

Just like the Lord wanted to do. However, whether the Lord is still alive or has died remains unclear. Well, the Crown Prince used his demonic powers to stop the Lord from attacking innocent people. So there’s a high possibility that Lord will be unconscious and soon regain his strength. But will he remember his past? He also forgot about his son. So will he recall him or try to find him? Only time will tell.

Nano Machine Chapter 134

A Quick Recap!

Previously in Nano Machine Chapter 133, the Crown Prince caught the traitor in his clan. He quickly cornered him and started grilling him. But he decided to stay mum and didn’t reveal anything about him. The Crown Prince also mentioned how he provoked Lord Jung to destroy everyone in the Heavenly Demon Clan. Despite being exposed, the person stayed mum and tried to borrow some time to help his clan to retreat.

However, an elder interrupted and revealed that he was Yeo Bulwi, the leader of the Buju Sword Clan, the hidden clan under the Demon Sword Clan. It made sense why he was there because he wanted to destroy their clan. So the Crown Prince tightened his grip, but somehow Yeo managed to escape. But the Crown Prince commanded his people to charge attack, but they weren’t strong enough as he was using the reversal blood technique, but it was still in his control. Enraged Crown Prince took out his sword and cut off both hands.

Nano Machine Chapter 134

Nano Machine Chapter 134: Release Date

The Crown Prince needs to find a way to handle the Lord, who isn’t well. But will Lord cooperate with the Crown Prince? You will learn it in Nano Machine Chapter 134, which will come out on December 9, 2022. It will be available on Naver Webtoon and Kakao page. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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