Nights With A Cat Episode 22: The Cats Startle Me! Release Date & Plot

nights with a cat episode 22

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Have you ever wished for your pet cat? How exciting would it be to wake up to your little cat? In Nights with a cat, fans can expect to see a lot of cuteness. Beware not to get a cat of your own out of jealousy! Episode 22 of Nights with a cat will have you understand what it must be like to have your own cat. Fans of this cute little show have been head over heels for Kyuryuga, and rightfully so! Here are more details about the show that you need to know in terms of Nights With A Cat Episode 22!

A manga essay written and illustrated by Kyuryu Z, Nights with a Cat is sure to leave your heart throbbing with love for a cat. In episode 22 of Nights with a cat, fans can expect to see the cute little place in places they might not expect him to see. But that is a part of being a cat, after all. The show also recently celebrated a new milestone with the release of a new visual. Cat Kyuryuga was seen trying to break through the door where there were also several holes on a paper sheet in their new visual. How cute is that! Without any further spoilers, let us dive right into the details of it.

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Nights With A Cat Episode 22: What Will Happen Next?

The upcoming episode 22 is titled “The Cat Startles Me.” Fans can expect to see the protagonist, Futa-kun, turning on his lights in a dark room. Needless to say, as the title’s name suggests, his adorable cat might be startling him in this new episode. Fans can expect to see Kyuryuga present before Futa-kun, which may startle him. Once Futa-kun realizes this, he concludes that the cat can be seen in many places.

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Chapter Recap

The previous episode, Nights With A Cat Episode 21, was titled “The Cat Bites Me.” In this episode, it was seen that Futa-kun simply adored his cat by petting him. The cat looked happy and was purring as well. However, out of the blue, in the episode,  Kyuryuga ended up holding Futa-kun’s hand and bit it. Cats are certainly cute. But, the episode also saw that cats could be quite playful too!

Most of them were in no mood to abide by their master. As a result of this. Most of the cats ended up becoming lazy and arrogant. By the end of the outing, we see that the master was weary of all the fuss that he was made to go through on his own!

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Nights With A Cat Episode 22: Release Date

Nights with a cat anime has already released the synopsis and the preview images for episode 22. A commemorative announcement was posted on their Twitter account to celebrate the milestone of 300k subscribers on their Youtube Channel. Fans can look forward to meeting Kyuryuga and Futa-kun again on November 16 at 8 pm! The new episode will be on live stream on the show’s youtube channel. Until then, stay connected with The ANime Daily intel to find out more!

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