One Piece Chapter 1068: On Another Break! Release Date & Plot

One Piece Chapter 1067

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Once again this week, fans of One Piece would have to hold on to their patience. This is because there is a long break until the release of the new chapter. One Piece Chapter 1068 is on break once again. And in turn, the raw scans of the chapter have also been put on hold. But the next chapter is sure to spill the beans on the doctor that is bothering everyone. So, without taking much of your time, here is all you need to know about the next chapter, One Piece Chapter 1068.

In the following chapter, fans will be able to catch up with some of the most wonderful scenes in the manga. After leaving Egghead, the heroes will be back at the sea. This might lead to a chase sequence or even some fight sequences.

one piece chapter 1068

One Piece Chapter 1068: What Will Happen Next?

Since one more break has been announced in the release of this chapter, fans might have to wait for a little longer to catch the raw scans of the new chapter. In the last one, we saw that Dr. Vegapunk was asking Luffy to take him away from Egghead. There was something in this place that was bothering him. After weeks of observing this man, even the fans are getting suspicious of this doctor. The other doctor had said that he had a serious intake of Nomi Nomi No Mi.

One Piece Chapter 1068 will open with a big reveal. There are big chances that Dr. Vegapunk is working with the World Government. What causes us to hint this possibility is the number of times that doctor has changed the truth. Thus, it will be interesting to catch up with the reality behind all this.

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Previous Chapter Recap!

The title of One Piece Chapter 1067 was “Punk Records.” The chapter started with everyone taking Dr. Vegapunk to the doctor. So, the professional said that the man ate Nomi Nomi No Mi. Because of this, his appearance had changed. He comes to know that this fruit leads to the gaining of infinite knowledge. The remains of this fruit were in the Punk Records. In a conversation with Luffy and Momo, Vegapunk said that a giant robot was the one to attack Mary Geoise 200 years ago.

He then tells Luffy that he had a gift for Bonney. On the other side, Shaka also tells Sanji that he did not know about the power source of the robot. By the end of the chapter, the news of CP0 reached everyone. Shaka immediately started preparing for war. In the end, Kuma started running away from the Revolutionary Army.

One Piece Chapter 1067

One Piece Chapter 1068: Release Date

The time of break has not come to an end and fans will be able to catch up with some of the best fighting scenes from the latest chapter. So, fans of One Piece will not have to wait for a very long time. The final release date for One Piece Chapter 1068 is December 4, 2022. All chapters of the manga will be found only on the official pages of Shonen, MangaPlus, and Viz Media. At last, keep an eye on The Anime Daily to get all the updates right here.

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