One Piece Chapter 1074: MORE BREAK! Release Date & Plot

One Piece Chapter 1074

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The One Piece manga continues to make fans wait the way it has been doing for all these years. Even this week, the mangaka is taking a usual break. In line for the next week is One Piece Chapter 1074. As of now, there are some strong speculations running over the internet. And everyone is interested in watching Zoro in some intense action. Without taking much of your time, here is everything you need to know about the plot, spoilers, and release date of the next chapter.

In the following storyline, Zoro will continue his fight against evil. Right now, Luffy and his team is nowhere to be seen. However, the next chapter will bring him back to the floors. What is he doing alongside Dr. Vegapunk? Is he planning something big?

One Piece Chapter 1074One Piece Chapter 1074

One Piece Chapter 1074: What Will Happen Next?

Since the chapter itself is running on a delay, even the plot details have not come out in the public domain. So now, the next chapter will open with the same storyline that it was left off on. One Piece Chapter 1074 will start with the continuation of the meeting between Egghead, Jaygarcia, and Kizaru. All these members of the Five Elders will continue to discuss the strategies to fight and stop Dr. Vegapunk. On the other side, we will see the beginning of an amazing mission.

And this will be the rescue mission of Weevil. Miss Buckin has asked for gentle help from Marco to bring back the person. But it will take some time for him to make a plan and finally execute it. The spoilers will make it more clear as to which storyline will play a major part in this!

One Piece Episode 1049One Piece Episode 1049

Previous Chapter Recap!

The title of One Piece Chapter 1073 was “Miss Buckingham Stussy.” The opening scene of the chapter was about the fight between Stussy and Lucci. As soon as he defeated Kaku, the fight was focused on Lucci now. He finally said that he had been spying on the orders of Vegapunk for the longest time. On the other side, Edison and Lilith continued to fight S-Hawk. Thus, Zoro went there to help the two of them.

The next part of the chapter takes the reader back to Sphinx. Marco confirms that the Marines are no longer under their control. As a result of this, even Weevil got captured by Ryokugyu. Thus, Miss Buckin asks Marco to get back Weevil. The chapter came to an end with another meeting taking place in order to make a plan to contain Vegapunk.

One Piece Chapter 1074One Piece Chapter 1074

One Piece Chapter 1074: Release Date

Most of the time of the break has come to an end. This only means that the fans will enjoy the next one in a short period of time. The final release date for One Piece Chapter 1074 is February 12, 2023. All chapters of the manga are available only on the official pages of Viz Media, Shonen, and MangaPlus for free. We will be sure to update this section as soon as there are more details on this. Thus, keep an eye on The Anime Daily to get all the updates right here.

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