One Piece Episode 1042: Unfaithful Yamato! Release Date & Plot

One Piece Episode 1042

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Fans have been praying for Luffy and want him to return stronger in the battle. But it seems like they have to wait a little longer to see Luffy’s return. Previously we saw Yamato stalling Kaidou, but she won’t be able to hold him back in One Piece Episode 1042. Well, everyone is waiting for the moment when Kaidou and Yamato face each other. Being his daughter, she also possesses the same power. So it will be thrilling to see how things will end. Keep reading to know more.

Now in the following episode, Kaidou and Yamato will continue to battle on the rooftop. Kaidou will be in a dilemma as he wants his daughter to be at his side. But Yamato has a huge faith in Luffy and wants to stay by his side in this battle, pissing Kaidou off.

One Piece Episode 1042

One Piece Episode 1042: What Will Happen Next?

Considering the preview, it seems like Yamato will transfer into her Human-Beast form in the upcoming episode. Well, she needs that transformation to deal with Kaidou. So we can expect a sequence of combat between father and daughter. Yamato’s stubborn nature will irritate Kaidou and force him to combat her. But it remains unclear who will win the combat at the end.

Meanwhile, Nico Robin will continue to battle against Black Maria. It will then focus on Nico Robin’s past when she dated Jaguar D. Saul. The flashback will focus on memorable moments that the pair yet cherish and might bring some anime-original scenes. Fans are likely to learn about the general battlefield’s status. With Otama’s group members continuing to change, they have to figure out the exact number, which is important for the Onigashima raid. As for Luffy, he will stay out of it.

One Piece Episode 1042

A Quick Recap!

The 1041st episode of One Piece began with Yamato and Kaidou combating on the rooftop of Onigashima. Yamato tried to cut ties with her father, but Kaidou refused. He didn’t try to convince Yamato to become Shogun of Wano under Kaidou. However, Yamato still believed in Luffy and tried to stall Kaidou until the monkey returned. Kaidou then transferred into his human-beast form to protect Wano. On the Live Floor, Sanji was dealing with Queen. Queen continued to attack him, and Sanji continued to dodge. Meanwhile, Zoro convinced Miyagi and Chopper to give him a miracle drug.

Elsewhere, Gifters assisted Franky in driving off the Beasts Pirates. Sasaki charged at Franky after informing the Gifters that they had committed treason. But Franky managed to hit Sasaki hard and threw him upwards into the ceiling. However, in nanoseconds, Sasaki transformed into Human-Beast form. Back on the roof, Kaidou tried his best to convince Yamato and said he didn’t want her to eat his fruit. Meanwhile, Sasaki and Franky continued to fight and instructed the Gifters to go and help others.

One Piece Episode 1042

One Piece Episode 1042: Release Date

Luffy’s fate still remains in limbo. But it will be time for Kozuki to get the upper hand in this situation. Can they? One Piece Episode 1042 will air on November 27, 2022, at 9.30 am JST. The international audience can stream it on Crunchyroll. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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