One Piece Episode 1046: Queen Slashes Sanji! Release Date & Plot

One Piece Episode 1046

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The long wait is finally over, and the highly-anticipated One Piece Episode 1046 will return this week. Well, the sudden hiatus left fans in shock as they were hoping to see how things would move on the live floor. But it took a few weeks to answer the question. Still, it’s fine, as the show is back. But do you know One Piece Episode 1046 will explore a breathtaking discovery that will change Sanji’s present and future? It has something to do with his father. Stay with us to find out what it is.

The 1046th episode will deal with the aftermath of the King and Queen’s actions. Sanji and Zoro are injured and need time to heal themselves. But with their enemy approaching to beat the soul out of them, they need to make a quick move. But can they? Further, fans will learn about Queen’s connection with Sanji. Keep reading to know more.

One Piece Episode 1046One Piece Episode 1046

One Piece Episode 1046: What Will Happen Next?

The upcoming episode hinted at the fight between Sanji and Queen and King. The injury of Zoro seems to heal, and he will now make his move against King, who’s blocking his way. So Zoro and Sanji will face King and Queen. The battle will soon take a twisting turn. After healing from their injuries, Sanji makes his sharp move, and Zoro unleashes sparkling slashes that cut King. The scene will soon switch to Queen’s discovery about Germa, a highly skilled scientist.

With the help of Germa 66’s Dengeki Blue, Queen electrifies his body and attempts to electrocute his enemy. Queen had worked with Vinsmoke Judge before in MADS as a research team. So he is also aware of his children, including Sanji. So he will use the Germa move to defeat Sanji. One Piece Episode 1046 may shed light on Queen defeating Sanji. Further, fans can also expect a glimpse of Luffy’s battle against Kaido.

One Piece Episode 1046One Piece Episode 1046

A Quick Recap!

Previously in One Piece Episode 1045, the last remaining Tobiroppo, Black Maria, faced defeat, and Mary watched it in disbelief. Raizo entered the battle to fight against Fukurokuju. Unbeknownst, Fukurokuju could use his long earlobes to knock Raizo down. Killer fought Hawkins and managed to chop him. But with Hawkins’ Devil Fruit ability, he diverted the damage to other people, saving himself. But Killer didn’t stop her and again made his move. When he stabbed Hawkins, it injured Kid, battling with Big Mom, realizing that he couldn’t harm Hawkins directly.

On the live floor, Zoro was still trying to heal while Sanji battled against both King and Queen. Perospero appeared out of the blue and sabotaged Sanji with his candy bow. But Nekomamushi appeared in time and kicked him out of the castle. But it helped King and Queen, who continued to strike Sanji down. While Queen brutally attacked the defected gifters, King headed to attack Zoro, who wasn’t in the right shape. Although Chopper’s team tried to take Zoro with them, King stopped them while the drug hadn’t worked.

One Piece Episode 1046One Piece Episode 1046

One Piece Episode 1046: Release Date

It seems like the upcoming episode will be a one-on-one battle between Sanji and Queen. But will Queen beat Sanji? You will learn in One Piece Episode 1046, which will air on January 8, 2023, at 9.30 am JST. The international audience can stream it on Crunchyroll. You can also catch it on Funimation the following day. This is all for now. Stay with The Anime Daily to keep updated.

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