One Piece Episode 1047: Luffy Joins Yamato! Release Date & Plot

One Piece Episode 1047

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Fans are extremely excited to see how this battle takes a new turn after Sanji and Zoro’s return to action. One Piece Episode 1047 is all set to return with a powerful move as the heroes return. They have all gained strength and are now heading to deal with their enemies. Many hope to see a one-on-one fight between Kaido and Luffy. It looks like the anime will soon fulfill their wish. Do you want to know how? Then keep reading.

The next episode will open up with Luffy returning to the battlefield. He will help Yamato, who’s fighting Kaido on Onigashima. It will be a big relief for her. Meanwhile, Luffy’s allies will continue to fight against their opponent. Sanji will take his revenge, while Zoro plans to end this chapter. Fans will witness more fights in the upcoming episode.

One Piece Episode 1047One Piece Episode 1047

One Piece Episode 1047: What Will Happen Next?

The upcoming episode will begin with Luffy sitting on Momonosuke. They will return to Onigashima so Luffy can face Kaido. The previous episode ended with the scene where Luffy appreciated the beauty of Momonosuke’s transformed dragon. So he will take Luffy to Onigashima. Fans will finally see the highly anticipated battle between Kaido and Luffy. The Straw Hat pirate is set to defeat and destroy. One Piece Episode 1047 will also focus on Sanji and Zoro’s fight.

Zoro will give King a tough fight, while Sanji won’t leave Queen as it is. He will teach him a good lesson. Further, the preview hints at several other fights as well. Raizo will deal with Fukurokuju, Inuarashi and Nekomamushi vs. revived Jack the Drought. This episode will finally conclude the battle between Inuarashi, Nekomamushi, and Jack the Drought.

One Piece Episode 1047One Piece Episode 1047

A Quick Recap!

Previously in One Piece Episode 1046, King located his target. In the last few episodes, King and his men tried to find Zoro, as they feared losing the battle against him if he awakened. But Zoro was still bandaged when King launched a fire strike. But Marco used his Devil Fruit abilities to save Zoro. Everyone appeared surprised to see his abilities as the Whitebeard pirate appeared completely drained out before the attack. Marco also revealed about King and his race. Suddenly Zoro returned to the battle as the medication worked well. Despite being aware of the condition, Marco decided to surrender. Soon Zoro and Sanji took control of the battle as they faced King and Queen.

They appeared eager to win as this victory would take them a step closer to crowning Luffy as Pirate King. While Sanji seemed enraged by Queen’s comment on Vinsmoke Judge, Zoro reminded Hyogoro about Shimotsuki Ushimaru, whose ancestor was the God of Blade, Shimotsuki Ryuma. While everyone was dealing with their opponent, Luffy was all set to face Kaido. Luffy was fully recovered. He looked for Momonosuke as he would help him to take him to Onigashima. So Shinobu took Luffy to the aged Momonosuke. The glare of Momonosuke could be seen through the mist.

One Piece Episode 1047One Piece Episode 1047

One Piece Episode 1047: Release Date

Be ready to experience another twist in the battle this week. One Piece Episode 1047 will air on January 15, 2023, at 9.30 am JST. The local Japanese audience can stream it on the Fuji Television block, while the global audience can catch it on Crunchyroll. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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