One Punch Man Chapter 174: ‘The No Face Monster’ Plot & Release Date

One Punch Man Chapter 174

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The latest chapter gave the impression that Saitama is coming under certain people’s lenses. With Garou’s defeat, a new arc is about to begin. A new conflict is brewing. Fans expect that it will be between Saitama and God himself. Nobody is sure of God’s identity, though. On the other hand, Sweet Mask speculates about Saitama’s odd background. After all, how could a C-level hero rise to the ranks in such a short span? One Punch Man Chapter 174 will expose all the spoilers. Thus, here is all you need to know about the New Arc, Plot & Release Date.

The Manga has now caught up to ONE’s original story. Yusuke Murata draws inspiration from the webcomic. Thus, there is no doubt that the next plot will focus on Sweet Mask. But how exactly is he crucial to the next arc? How does this relate to Blast’s quest for God? Read on to know more.

One Punch Man Chapter 174

One Punch Man Chapter 174: What Will Happen Next?

Murata hasn’t revealed the title of One Punch Man Chapter 174 yet. But there is a lot that fans can forecast for the next plot. Saitama lives in a world where individuals can change into their obsessions. Many individuals have turned into monsters and villains. In contrast, others benefited from this desire and obsession. As fans learned about monsterification in the last chapter, Mask reacted in an interesting way. Is he hiding something? Could it be that he struck a pact with God? Fans have hated him so far. Perhaps this is where they’ll begin to connect with him. It will also be clear how Garou differs from Sweet Mask.

In any event, Blast believes that God is interacting with their dimension for a reason. There might be something that is summoning him here. And this is where we see a silhouette of Saitama in the current chapter. Is defeating Saitama God’s ultimate goal? It might be very well tied to the fact that Saitama has removed his limiter. This fact blurs the line between God and Saitama. It also explains why God bestowed Garou with his powers, who tried to kill Saitama. Following the failure of all his underlings, what will God do next? All answers will be out soon.

One Punch Man Chapter 174

Previous Chapter Recap!

Secret Intel was the title of One Punch Man Chapter 173. The title suggests huge spoilers for the Heroes. Following the breakdown of his defense system, Metal Knight realized that Saitama was behind it. He checked through the Association’s database. But Metal Knight couldn’t find any special lead on him. Thus, he would keep an eye on him. Two days earlier, at a meeting, Sitch revealed that Blast had been looking for cubes.

These cubes could turn people into monsters. He had fought against God all this time. Two years ago, Blast faced the entity alone during the battle with Elder Centipede. God offered him special powers, but he declined. In the meeting, Genos said Saitama could easily take down God. Sitch replied that only Blast could fight against him. He has the power to manipulate space-time. But Genos explained how Saitama went back in time and changed history. During the four-hour chat, bored Sweet Mask left the meeting. Genos still went on.

One Punch Man Chapter 174

He even mentioned how Saitama destroyed Jupiter. King had barely managed to destroy the moon partially. So nobody believed him. Seeing their reactions, Genos left angrily. His words certainly affected them. At this point, Zombieman remembered Dr. Genus’ quote about Saitama. He removed his limiter in exchange for his hair. Flashy Flash began to wonder if Saitama is really that powerful. Sweet Mask also believed that Saitama might be the ideal Hero.

One Punch Man Chapter 174: Release Date

Murata hasn’t revealed the final release date yet. However, Murata told on Twitter that he is done with One Punch Man Chapter 174 sketches. Numerous websites are predicting various release dates. But we will keep you updated with accurate news. Just keep checking back only on The Anime Daily!

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