One Punch Man Chapter 175: Psychic Sisters Arc Begins! Saitama In Trouble? Plot & Release Date

One Punch Man Chapter 175

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The last chapter gave many reveals about Blast and what happened over the past 20 years. Now a major calamity is on the horizon. There is no one who can back up Blast. So, the heroes are now eyeing Saitama. Meanwhile, Sweet Mask got a glimpse of his powers. In the OPM universe, Blast is considered the only true hero. And Sweet Mask looks up at him. But now he realized he couldn’t fill Blast’s shoes. As a result, it’s only natural for him to seek after Saitama to fill that void. While Sweet Mask is on the lookout, a major fight is about to happen. A new Arc will drive the plot now! Thus, here is all you need to know about One Punch Man Chapter 175 Plot and Release Date.

Murata is finally catching up to ONE’s original story. This is the beginning of Psychic Sisters Arc from the webcomic. At the same time, fans are waiting to find out more about Sweet Mask. He is the current enigma of the narrative. In fact, Sweet Mask and his arc are one of the best bits of the webcomic. Though like the Garou Arc, Murata may make large-scale changes. But first, things are about to get nasty with Fubuki! What is she planning? Keep reading to find out!

One Punch Man Chapter 175

One Punch Man Chapter 175: What Will Happen Next?

The title of the next chapter is not out yet. The One Punch Man Chapter 175 will focus on Fubuki, Sweet Mask, and Saitama. Our Caped Baldy has a fight with Forte coming up ahead. While the former two seem to have some short-term objectives. If Murata sticks with One’s plot, the opening sequence of chapter 175 will be hilarious. On the other hand, Fubuki has finally returned to the screens to drive the new arc.

The final chapter had readers on edge. After all, where exactly is Fubuki going? She plans to meet someone with her armed group. But who may this person be? Well, after the Garou Arc, fans almost forgot about Psykos. Fubuki has long wished to rise to the ranks and get stronger. This time, a new battle between Fubuki and Psykos may well happen. This is very much alluded to in chapter 174 when she mentions an upcoming conflict.

One Punch Man Chapter 175

Hopefully, we will learn more about Fubuki’s relationship with her. Psykos might also reveal more about God and his actual motives. As in the last arc, she essentially became his avatar and inherited some of his abilities. This may stack up on the information about God from Chapter 173. At the same time, it’s clear that Sweet Mask is a monster that can masquerade as a human. But how come his mind didn’t become distorted like the rest after monsterization? Is it pure willpower? Was he a monster since birth? The next chapter will begin to unfold!

Previous Chapter Recap!

The title of One Punch Man Chapter 174 was ‘Beauty’. The chapter’s cover depicted Fubuki in a seductive pose. The side text mentioned ‘Let The Blizzard Of Enchantment Blow Over You’, clearly talking about the pose. The chapter started with a line of cars going to a certain location. Inside one of them, Fubuki was present. She revealed to her driver that her group was going to meet someone. But it may turn out violent.

On the other side, Sweet Mask was analyzing the CCTV footage of Saitama destroying Metal Knight’s robots. He concluded that Saitama is immensely powerful. In the city R, a new Idol group was rising. Meanwhile, the director of Major Talent Agency asked Sweet Mask to review the new Bubbly Boys Idol group. But he refused. He claimed that the idols were phonies. This offended the group. However, Sweet Masked overwhelmed them with his powerful aura. He let them know that they are too different than him biologically. Once again, he hinted about his monster form.

One Punch Man Chapter 175

Now at the new complex, Saitama welcomed his new hero neighbors. The heroes thought they didn’t need to introduce themselves since they were famous. But Saitama didn’t have a clue about them. This maddened one of the self-centered heroes, Forte. Somehow, he felt Saitama offended him with his words. Thus, he challenged him to a duel. The chapter ended with a cliffhanger.

One Punch Man Chapter 175: Release Date!

One Punch Man Chapter 175 will continue the fight between Saitama and Forte. So far, it seemed that Murata had traded comedy for action. However, this came at a cost. The jokes in the manga now feel flat. ONE originally intended it to be a parody shounen. Many feel that webcomic is far better and more hilarious. But the next chapter is sure to bring the original ONE-like comedy feels.

How long will fans have to wait? There is no official release date yet. But fans are speculating it may come on November 30, 2022. You can catch all the chapters on Manga Plus. We will update you as soon as there is a piece of news. Keep checking back on this page. Stay tuned to The Anime Daily!

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