One Punch Man Chapter 176: Psykos X Fubuki! New Manga Exclusive Character Revealed? Plot & Release Date

Credit: Yusuke Murata

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The last chapter flipped every shonen trope on its head. It appears Murata is driving the plot of One Punch Man manga on his own. The illustrator is back with another seductive chapter cover which reveals key information. For a brief time, Psykos was absent from the pages. But right after the NNN month ended(wink wink), Murata gifted the fans with the character’s return! At the same time, he also introduced a masked character. How is he relevant to the Psychic Sisters Arc? Is he the next villain? Here is all you need to know about One Punch Man Chapter 176 Plot & Release Date.

Currently, things are heating up in the world of One Punch Man manga! Murata is like a master chef, carefully weaving together a web of plot twists and turns. But don’t worry, in the next chapter, all will be revealed like a grand reveal of a dish! We’ll finally get the lowdown on that mysterious Masked Man and it looks like Psykos might have some juicy intel. And what’s this? Fubuki has extended an invitation to Saitama to join her on an adventure? Where could they possibly be headed? Only one way to find out folks, keep reading!

One Punch Man Chapter 177

One Punch Man Chapter 176: What Will Happen Next?

The title of the new chapter is still a mystery. But fans can expect One Punch Man Chapter 176 to be a real doozy! We’ll finally get to see the epic flashback battle between Psykos and Fubuki, and talk about a cliffhanger! Who could forget that juicy kiss from Fubuki in the last panel of Chapter 175? Fans are still trying to wrap their minds around that one. And let’s not forget about the Hero Association, who seem to be getting up to some pretty shady business.

It’s like they’re turning into a stronghold for the wealthy, and not the noble hero organization we all know and love. Thanks to their funding struggles, they’re even handing over powerful characters like Psykos to shady groups like Tsukuyomi. And thanks to the HA, the masked man’s group, Tsukuyomi will bring great leaps in their research. He hints at dissecting Psykos’ brain. Hearing this, her eyes began to bulge out in shock. What may be the reason? Did she recall any traumatic events related to Tsukuyomi?

One Punch Man Chapter 176 Feature

This may tie in with the fact that the masked man had stitches across his forehead. He may not be the only one with stitches. In the Monster Association arc, fans also saw similar stitches when Gearsper’s mask exploded. Is the Tsukuyomi group converting people to Espers? The coming chapter will provide more details on the nature of their research. It is interesting to note that Tsukuyomi translates to Moon God in English. Does this group have any ties with God? A few chapters back, fans saw God pulling all the strings. Only time will tell how Murata ties together all these pieces.

A Quick Recap!

The title of the One Punch Man Chapter 175 was ‘Visitor’. The story opened with Black Sperm and Rover asking Saitama to let them stay with him. He made a deal with Forte that the loser in the fight would keep the two monster pets. Forte saw it as a fair deal. While they started their fight, a car hit him. From inside the car, Fubuki came out. She invited him to come with her group. Saitama agreed and ran off, leaving the monsters to Forte’s care. Fubuki took him to Hero Association Headquarters Special Internment Facility.

But, the guards denied them entry as someone else was visiting the facility. Inside the facility, fans saw Psykos locked up. A masked man wanted to take her to his facility for research. The HA said that they stripped her of all her human rights. So the masked man’s group can experiment on her in any way they want. While Fubuki waited outside, the panel turned to a flashback of Fubuki & Psykos’ fight during the Garou Arc. The story then took to her high school life.

One Punch Man Chapter 176

Apparently, Fubuki hated Psykos as she took away all the losers. Fubuki believed that to become the strongest, there had to be the weakest opponent too. One day, jealous Fubuki sealed off Psykos’ powers as a payback. The chapter ended before the fight between Fubuki and Psykos in the Garou arc could take place.

One Punch Man Chapter 176: Release Date

The masked man and Tsukuyomi group is definitely manga exclusive. At the same time, Murata has filled the panels with fanservice, which many are not quite happy about.  ONE’s storyline doesn’t introduce any new characters in the Psychic Sister Arc. So, one can only wonder what will happen next. There is no official release date of  One Punch Man Chapter 176 yet. But it may come out by December 30, 2022. For more updates, keep checking back on this page. Stay tuned to The Anime Daily!

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