One Punch Man Chapter 177: ‘The God Theory’! Release Date & Plot

One Punch Man Chapter 177

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Psykos’s flashback sequence in the last chapter depicts a bleak future for mankind. The panel, where she foresaw the future, devolved into a mess of black-and-white squiggles, implying a dreadful end. What did she foresee that gave her such a horrified expression? At the same time, fresh tensions between Fubuki and Psykos have flared up. But how exactly does Murata plan to tie all these loose ends together?

There will be many twists and turns in the next chapter. Murata has added a new character to the manga who did not appear in the original webcomic. The webcomic plot is obviously merely serving as a rough guide for the mangaka. In order to find out what happens next in Murata’s story, you’ll have to keep reading!

One Punch Man Chapter 177

One Punch Man Chapter 177: What Will Happen Next?

The title of One Punch Man Chapter 177 is not yet out in the digital sphere. However, Fubuki, Tatsumaki, and Psykos will be the story’s focal points. The infamous Tsukuyomi group has no intention of letting Tatsumaki get away with Psykos. It’s clear from the last two chapters that the organization wants Psykos for her third eye.

Chapter 176 teased a glimpse of her future-seeing powers. And she alone can tell us what is in store for humankind. Tsukuyomi gang wants to probe this future in pursuit of their covert objectives. In addition, the panel of flashbacks suggested that Psykos became deranged and joined the evil due to this dystopian future. Can we blame God for Pyskos’s insanity? After their fight in the Garou arc, Fubuki defeated Psykos. However, a giant unworldly being loomed over the duo. Pieces of the story add up to the conclusion that God is manipulating heroes in killing out all of mankind.

In addition, like Psykos in the Garou arc, Vaccine Man and Homeless Emperor kept chanting about wiping all of humanity. God seems to have the perception of humanity as a plague that’s ruining the planet. In the next few chapters, it is possible that God may finally descend to Earth to deal with the heroes. Thus, the bulging veins on Psykos’ face in chapter 176 made it clear that God is in search of a vassal body!

One Punch Man Chapter 177

A Quick Recap!

The title of One Punch Man Chapter 176 was ‘Epicenter.’ The chapter opened up with a cover page featuring Psykos and Fubuki in their high school uniform. Thereafter, the panel shifted to a flashback of Psykos telling Fubuki that their organization for the supernatural study had merged with their rival group, Invisible Hand. After she returned to the library, Psykos began looking into Third Eye. She managed to pull it off and took control of the power. It all started when she started getting visions of the future in her sleep. All of a sudden, Psykos no longer cared about reaching the top and instead wanted to wipe off the entire race. 

Her facial veins sprang out, a visible sign of God’s strings in her life. Reminiscing about their time in high school, the focus shifted to their conflict in the Garou arc. Fubuki defeated her and took her into her forearms. She inquired about the future Psykos foresaw. However, they were instantly dwarfed by a massive cloud-like network of ‘veins.’ Even Fubuki had now begun to feel God’s presence among them. The panel moved on to the current day at headquarters.  Fubuki and Saitama barged into the meeting with Tsukuyomi. The group revealed that Psykos is now their property. But Fubuki warned that Tatsumaki would soon break into the HQ and kill Psykos.

One Punch Man Chapter 177

Tsukuyomi and Fubuki fought while Tatsumaki made her first appearance after many chapters. In reality, Tatsumaki was only pretending to kill Psykos. She wanted to keep her from falling into the group’s hands. This was the same group that put her in jail and used her as a test subject. But all of these psychics made a crack in the floor, which caused Saitama to fall into the deepest parts of HQ. Dragon-level monsters now surrounded Saitama. Thus, the chapter is brought to a close with a cliffhanger.

One Punch Man Chapter 177: Release Date

There is much speculation among readers about how Murata will join all the plot threads. In the webcomics, Tatsumaki was dead set on killing Psykos at the facility. In contrast, she is only acting to save her from Tsukuyomi’s trap in the manga storyline. It is clear that Murata is not playing by ONE’s rule. Or perhaps he is rectifying certain plot holes to improve the story. 

Fans of webcomic wouldn’t have expected Tatsumaki to ask for Fubuki’s help to save Psykos. Thus, the manga is making her a likable figure. Thankfully, Murata shared the next issue’s release on December 30, 2022. One Punch Man Chapter 177 will return on January 12, 2023. Fans catch up on all the chapters on Viz Media. Stay tuned to The Anime Daily for more updates!

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