One Punch Man Chapter 177: The God’s Pawn! Release Date & Plot

One Punch Man Chapter 177

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Many mangas are taking a short break for the year’s end. One Punch Man is one such manga in this list. In the last chapter, the flashback scene of Psykos shows a grim future for humanity. The panel turned into scribbles of black and white, suggesting a terrible fate. What did she see in the future that caused her to have such a dreadful expression? Back in the present, the conflict between Fubuki and Tatsumaki has begun! How is Murata going to join all these plot threads? Here is all you need to know about One Punch Man Chapter 177 release date and plot!

The next chapter will bring in a lot of surprises. Murata has introduced a manga exclusive character who wasn’t present in ONE’s webcomic. It is clear that the mangaka is treating the webcomic storyline as just an outline. Keep reading to peek into Murata’s narrative for the next chapter!

One Punch Man Chapter 177One Punch Man Chapter 177

One Punch Man Chapter 177: What Will Happen Next?

The title of the One Punch Man Chapter 177 is not yet out in the digital realm. However, the plot will center on Fubuki, Tatsumaki, and Psykos. Meanwhile, the notorious Tsukuyomi group will not let Tatsumaki take away Psykos. From the earlier chapters, it is obvious that the organization is after Psykos for her third eye. Chapter 176 revealed that she has the ability to see the future. And only she knows what the future holds for mankind. Tsukuyomi group wants to look into this future for their concealed goals. Furthermore, the flashback panel also hinted that this extreme future caused Psykos to go insane and join the evil. After their fight in the Garou arc, Fubuki defeated Psykos.

However, a giant unworldly being hovered over the duo. Is God behind Pyskos’ terrible mental state? The plot threads suggest that God is brainwashing heroes to eradicate humanity. Further, Vaccine Man and Homeless Emperor also kept chanting about exterminating the human race, like Psykos in the Garou arc. God seems to have the perception of humanity as a plague that’s ruining the planet. In the next few chapters, It is possible that God may finally descend to Earth to deal with the heroes. Thus, the veins that popped out on Psykos’ face in chapter 176 made it clear that God is in search of a vassal body!

One Punch Man Chapter 177One Punch Man Chapter 177

A Quick Recap!

The title of One Punch Man Chapter 176 was ‘Epicenter.’ The chapter opened up with a cover page featuring Psykos and Fubuki in their high school uniform. The panel turned to a flashback scene where Psykos told Fubuki that their society for supernatural research absorbed a rival group, Invisible Hand, into their faction. Back at the library, she started researching Third Eye. Somehow, she managed to pull it off and unlocked the power. One night, she began having nightmares and foresaw future events. Suddenly she lost interest in being the number one and merely wanted to finish humanity. Veins popped out on her face, clearly indicating God’s influence.

The high school flashback turned to their fight in Garou arc. As Fubuki took Psykos in her arms, she asked what she saw in the future. A giant vein-like cloud suddenly loomed over them. Now even Fubuki was aware of God’s presence. The panel turned to the present back at the HQ. Fubuki and Saitama intruded into the Tsukuyomi’s meeting. However, Fubuki warned the group that Tatsumaki would soon break into the HQ and finish off Psykos. Tsukuyomi and Fubuki both engaged in a battle, while Tatsumaki finally made her debut.

One Punch Man Chapter 177One Punch Man Chapter 177

In reality, Tatsumaki was only pretending to kill Psykos. She wanted to save her from the hands of the notorious group. This was the same group that took her into custody and experimented on her like a guinea pig. However, a crack in the floor by all these psychics made Saitama fall into the deepest layers of HQ. Dragon-level monsters now surrounded Saitama. Thus, the chapter brought to a close with a cliffhanger.

One Punch Man Chapter 177: Release Date

The next few chapters are a treat. Fans are curious how Murata will align all the plot threads he has set up. In the webcomic, Tatsumaki genuinely wanted to kill Pyskos at the HQ. However, in the manga she is merely acting to kill her. The manga also shows more development between the two sisters. Tatsumaki asked for Fubuki’s help to save Psykos from the group.

However, webcomic fans wouldn’t have expected this since Tatsumaki is hardheaded and doesn’t rely on others for help. Thus, the manga is making her a likable character unlike the webcomic. Sadly, One Punch Man Chapter 177 won’t come back until 2023. It was supposed to come out on December 28, 2022. But, Murata took a break. At the same time, more updates will come only on this page. Stay tuned to The Anime Daily!

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