One Punch Man Chapter 178: Saitama Vs. Tatsumaki! The Real Hero Emerges, Plot & Release Date

One Punch Man Chapter 178

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It seems Tatsumaki is getting a bit serious. Fans saw how she was only pretending to hurt Psykos to save her. And now that the Tsukuyomi group has harmed her little sister, she won’t stay quiet. But there is a person who will put a stop to her madness. In the last chapter, Saitama made an epic comeback from the depths of darkness, uttering the iconic line of Jotaro – ‘Good Grief.’ Looks like the real hero of the story isn’t just a one-punch man but a one-liner man too! Here is all you need to know about One Punch Man Chapter 178 release date & plot.

Next time in One Punch Man, Tatsumaki will try to split Fubuki away from the Blizzard gang. However, Saitama interrupted her and got caught in the crossfire. And now chaos will ensue as the two heros clash. So keep reading to find out more!

One Punch Man Chapter 178One Punch Man Chapter 178

One Punch Man Chapter 178: What Will Happen Next?

The title of the next chapter is not out yet. However, it will focus on Saitama and Tatsumaki’s upcoming clash. Tatsumaki was about to attack the Blizzard gang and partially handicap them. But in a surprising turn of events, Saitama grabbed her arm and told her to stop being such a brat. Tatsumaki, fueled by her wounded ego, is hell-bent to take down Saitama. But little does she know that the seemingly average hero can knock her out with just one punch. Ironically, nobody noticed what happened to the Dragon class monsters, with their guts and blood spilled all over the floor. Will they realize it was Saitama’s doing?

Meanwhile, Tatsumaki knows that she can’t protect everyone. She is actually worried about the Blizzard group. And she is very cautious of Tsukuyomi’s next move. Tsukuyomi translates to the Moon God in Japanese mythology. What connections does the group have with God? But one thing’s for sure: Tatsumaki’s ties to the God plot run deep, from her time spent in a lab with a God cube, to her battles with God-buffed opponents, to her mentor Blast’s own quest to find the Almighty being. Will Tatsumaki be able to rise to the challenge and save the day? Only time (and a few epic battles) will tell!

One Punch Man Chapter 178One Punch Man Chapter 178

A Quick Recap!

The title of One Punch Man Chapter 177 was ‘The Supernatural & Risks.’ The chapter opened up with a couple dining in the citizen area of the HA complex. However, the entire floor started shaking, causing panic among the dwellers. The panel revealed that the Demon-Level Monsters Containment Level was causing chaos. Meanwhile, the scene changed to Fubuki’s struggle. While fighting Tatsumaki, one Tsukuyomi member triggered Fubuki’s sleeping pill into poison.

Tatsumaki halted her rage when he threatened to ignite Fubuki’s fatal poison. After capturing Tatsumaki, the Tsukuyomi member levitated Tatsumaki, Fubuki, and Psykos. As they left the facility, the Blizzard group’s imposter exposed himself. However, Tatsumaki used her esper powers to the pill and formed it into a needle. She then gently removed it from Fubuki’s body and directed it to the enemy. The poison needle pierced the Tsukuyomi member’s eye. He survived, but

One Punch Man Chapter 178One Punch Man Chapter 178

Tatsumaki turned the tables and caught him. Meanwhile, the Blizzard group was concerned for Fubuki. Tatsumaki snapped, knowing her friends pushed her down. Thus, she advised her sister to avoid the gang. Tatsumaki then vowed to injure the Blizzard gang members so they could retire. However, the chapter ended after Saitama stopped her.

One Punch Man Chapter 178: Release Date

One Punch Man Chapter comes out on a bi-monthly basis, usually on Wednesdays. Fans speculate that One Punch Man Chapter 178 will be out by January 25, 2023. You can catch the new chapter on Viz Media and Manga Plus. For more updates, keep checking back on this page. Stay tuned to The Anime Daily.

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