Onimai I’m Now Your Sister Episode 1 Makes Things Weird? Release Date & More

Onimai I'm Now Your Sister Episode 1 teaser

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After a long wait, Onimai I’m Now Your Sister Episode 1 is finally releasing in a day. The characters for the anime are Kana Yuuki and Natsumi Hioka who will be present from the very first episode of the anime itself. Moreover, fans are excited to see how this anime will turn out. The anime is also opening with the theme song “Identeitei Meltdown.” The comedy series’ animation and visuals are a treat to look forward to. Fans on Twitter love the pastel color look of the anime so far. So, here are all the details about the upcoming anime and its first episode.

Nekotofu is the original writer of the manga series. The anime is an adaptation of the same. The series began in 2018, and six volumes have been published so far. It has been serialized in Ichijinsha’s Monthly Comic Rex Magazine and published under the Rex Comics Label. So, keep reading to find more spoilers about this comedic anime series.

Onimai I'm Now Your Sister Episode 1 trailerOnimai I'm Now Your Sister Episode 1 trailer

Onimai I’m Now Your Sister Episode 1: What Will Happen In Episode One?

The first episode will most probably look into the normal life of Mahiro Oyama and the chemistry with their sister Mihari Oyama. It might revolve around how Mahiro initially leads their life as a boy and how their sister Mihari works around with her experiments. It will also be interesting to see how things change in Mahiro’s life as he turns into a girl and how he navigates his way through life.

Moreover, it will also be a sight to see how Mihari tries to find ways to undo this silly experiment or how long she will study Mahiro. However, the first episode might also look into how different things will be for the siblings now and how Mahiro tries to adjust to having a sister out of nowhere after living with a brother her whole life.

Onimai I'm Now Your Sister Episode 1 reveal
Onimai I'm Now Your Sister Episode 1 reveal

What Is The Anime About?

The anime revolves around Mahiro Oyama, who used to be a normal erotic-gaming-loving guy. However, things change when he suddenly wakes up as a woman one morning. His gender swap occurs due to his mad scientist sister’s trial of her experiment on him. The experiment led to a terrible result, according to Mahiro. But, his little sister, Mihari, disagrees as she is the one who comes up with the experiment after all.

While Mihari’s focus is to study her new sister’s gender swap and the success of the experiment, Mahiro’s focus is to go back to his life of playing games. Things will surely be weird, and the anime will follow the siblings’ journey.

Onimai I'm Now Your Sister Episode 1 teaserOnimai I'm Now Your Sister Episode 1 teaser

Onimai I’m Now Your Sister Episode 1: Release Date

The anime will be released on January 5, 2023. It will run on Japan’s AT-X, Tokyo Mx, and BS11 channels. At the same time, international fans can look forward to watching it on Crunchyroll as it streams. Stay updated with The Anime Daily for more.

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