Oshi No Ko Chapter 100: Taking Komachi’s Help! Release Date

Oshi No Ko Chapter 100

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Fans are super excited to see what the benchmark chapter brings to the table. Lined up with a final release date this week is Oshi No Ko Chapter 100. And this chapter brings something new for the mc from the archives. After all this time, Ruby is questioning her choice of becoming an idol. But since her mother has gone through the thick and thin of this profession, she can always rely on her advice. Without taking much of your time, here is all you need to know about the new chapter.

In the upcoming storyline, fans will come to know of the newest setting for Ruby. Komachi might be able to tell her what is right and wrong with the way she is operating. And the exchanging of accounts would be a new learning experience for her!

Oshi No Ko Chapter 100

Oshi No Ko Chapter 100: What Will Happen Next?

The titles and plot details of the new chapter are yet to come up in the public domain. By exchanging line accounts with Komachi, Ruby might come to know more about the work of Idoling. And because of her health condition, Ruby has not been able to see the actual working of the world. She had been in her cocoon for as long as she can remember. Thus, now is the time that she gets to explore this side of her more.

Oshi No Ko Chapter 100 will open with Ruby coming to know more about accounts. There is so much that takes place here and there. But for her, there is a lot of stress already in this business. Taking advice from her mother, she will come to know how to deal with such troubles in the future.

Oshi No Ko Chapter 100

Previous Chapter Recap!

Oshi No Ko Chapter 99 started with the introduction of Kamiki. Ever since he was in middle school, there was something strange about the boy. However, the boy was decisive that he would be getting his revenge on her. Ruby came to explain that they can have it their way now that her face had been revealed. On the other side, she also thought that she did not want to bring down a girl just for the sake of making some mistakes.

Ruby went into self-analysis, thinking that there was a reason that she became idle in the first place. And so she takes up the same conversation with one of the seniors. It was interesting to see that she was understanding of her work. The chapter came to an end with Himekawa offering some help by taking some of the accounts from here.

Oshi No Ko Chapter 100

Oshi No Ko Chapter 100: Release Date

Fans are desperate to know what is to come up in the new outing. As the love story continues, there would surely be a lot of heartbreaks as well. So, there is no break in the release of Oshi No Ko Chapter 100. The final release of Oshi No Ko Chapter 100 is November 9, 2022. Fans will be able to catch all the chapters of the manga only on the official pages of Kodansha. Thus, keep an eye on The Anime Daily to get all the intel only here.

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