Overgeared Chapter 157: Grid’s Ultimate Trick! Release Date & Plot

Overgeared Chapter 157

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In chapter 156, Grid finally achieved level 300 after several hurdles. He figured out a hack in the Satisfy game. During the fight with Elfis Stone, Grid devised a plan only he could carry out. If he could satisfy the Boss, his group would be safe for the next twenty-four hours. Thus, he traded Huroi to Elfis, which tempted him to let go of others. Huroi was the one who offended him. However, this was a mistake, according to the Satisfy developers. Even when Grid is at level 300, his chances of defeating Elfis are zero. So what will Grid do now? Here is all you need to know about Overgeared Chapter 157 Plot & Release Date!

Chapter 157 will look at Grid finding ways to deal with the vampires. Meanwhile, Lauel will send reinforcements. At this point, even the developers are taking an interest in him. Will Grid prove to be special? That’s the answer that chapter 157 will offer. Thus, keep reading to find out!

Overgeared Chapter 157

Overgeared Chapter 157: What Will Happen Next?

The title of Overgeared Chapter 157 is not out yet. At the end of chapter 156, the manwha left fans hanging. But it is quite clear that Grid will defeat Elfis in the pure plot armor battle. The question is how? Meanwhile, Grid has just one hour left before Elfis reawakens. His team must regroup and make a proper plan to deal with him. Now that Huroi is not here, his chances look grim. The developers said that in order to raid Elfin, they would need three advanced healers. Grid’s top priority should be able to tackle Elfin’s Blood Field.

He takes on 1.8 seconds to deploy the Blood field. It will be hard to dodge the attack. So a healer is a curcial piece for the raid. But even if the chances look slim, Pagma’s successor is far above what the developers expected. Now it’s time for Grid to use his ‘that method’, as the makers claimed in the end chapter of 156. Nothing about it is known yet. But can it defeat Elfin? The next chapter has all the answers!

Overgeared Chapter 157

A Quick Recap!

The title of Overgeared Chapter 156 was ‘Bet of Trust’. The chapter opened at Reidan Castle. Lauel was shocked to see Huroi back. He figured that Huroi died during the raid. The chapter then revealed that Grid was facing the vampires on the front lines after his death. Jishuka and others felt guilty for being useless. Meanwhile, they fought against the true vampire, Lexi. Grid was pushing past his limit. As a result, he unlocked level 300. Finally, he received the powers he hoped for. He didn’t want to feel helpless again. Meanwhile, back at the guild, Laurel was worrying about them. He wanted to send others for help.

But he feared that the guild might face another invasion. Thus his hands were tied. But suddenly, Yura came to the guild. She asked to join the guild. Grid had already allowed her to do so. Laurel was delighted to see her. She came at the perfect time. Although she was well above level 200, Yura would not be alone enough. Lauel thought to send her to the raid but changed his mind later. Unable to do anything. He asked everyone to put their trust in Grid. The story then took to the developers of Satisfy, where they discussed Grid’s raid. They seemed to have high expectations of him even though he didn’t stand a chance against Elfis.

Overgeared Chapter 157

Overgeared Chapter 157: Release Date

Fans want to know what trick Grid has this time. Luckily, Overgeared Chapter 157 is all set to return this week. Fans can expect the chapter to be out by December 3, 2022. Meanwhile, they can catch up on all the chapters on Kakaopage, Naver, and Webtoon. There is no update on any break in the release date. But be sure to check back on this page. The Anime Daily team will keep you updated. Stay Tuned!

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