Overgeared Chapter 161: Baal’s Contractor! Release Date & Plot

Overgeared Chapter 161

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Lined up with this week’s release, Overgeared Chapter 161 will bring a new conflict to the tables. Grid’s party is now at crossroads with Agnus. However, fans expect that as soon as Grid arrives in the game, a new rivalry will start with Agnus. Is Grid more powerful than Agnus after he evolved into a half-demon? All will unfold in the upcoming chapter. Thus, here is all you need to know about the chapter 161 release date & plot.

Next time in Overgeared, fans are about to witness a new drama unfold. After Grid defeated Elfin, he has another hurdle in his pavranium conquest. Keep reading to find out about the next big fight!

Overgeared Chapter 161 Overgeared Chapter 161

Overgeared Chapter 161: What Will Happen Next?

Chapter 161 of Overgeared manhwa will open up with a big conflict between Grid and Agnus. After Elfin’s defeat, Grid found himself in hell. Much to his surprise, the demons of hell were not hostile to him. Everything about this place is a mystery in Satisfy game. The new few chapters will flesh out more on hell and its people. Grid is now sent back to Leidan, where he hopes to repair his worn-out items at the blacksmith shop.

Meanwhile, he is counting on his guild members to retrieve the pavranium crystal. However, Jishuka and Vanter crossed paths with Agnus. He was in the 13th city to hunt down Mumud and take the crystal. Braham got to know that he had made a contract with the notorious Baal. Now that this revelation has come to the pages, only Overgeared Chapter 161 will unfold on his contract!

Overgeared Chapter 161 Overgeared Chapter 161

A Quick Recap!

The title of Overgeared Chapter 160 was ‘Contract.’ The chapter opened up in Satisfy’s Hell. Grid found himself in the company of the demons of this realm. He was stunned to see that they worshiped Memphis. However, the demons quickly realized that Grid was the cat’s master. So Grid was like the God of the great demon beast they worship. However, soon his demon powers blackened out. And he was back to Leidan. There he met Yura and learned that she was a legendary class player. Now his guild had two legendary members out of the only nine legendary players worldwide.

Meanwhile, in the 13th city, Jishuka and others were on the hunt for the pavranium crystal. There they met with Braham, who was in possession of the crystal at that time. He showed aggression and threatened them with his Lich. Mumud was the great Lich that would fight them. However, his magic was not inferior to that of Elfin. At that time, Agnus showed up and asked them to back off. He revealed that he had been on the hunt for several months. And finally, he defeated Braham. The chapter ended on a cliffhanger, with Braham knowing that Agnus formed a contract with Baal.

Overgeared Chapter 161 Overgeared Chapter 161

Overgeared Chapter 161: Release Date

A new drama will begin in the new outing. Overgeared Chapter 161 is all set to return this week. Fans can expect the chapter to be out by January 2, 2023. Meanwhile, they can catch up on all the chapters on Kakaopage, Naver, and Webtoon. There is no update on any break in the release date. But be sure to check back on this page. The Anime Daily team will keep you updated. Stay Tuned!

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