Overgeared Chapter 161: Grid Vs. Agnus Begins! Release Date & Plot

Overgeared Chapter 161

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Overgeared Chapter 161 will be out this week, bringing a whole new conflict. The path taken by Grid’s group and Agnus has come to a fork. Fans, however, anticipate that a new rivalry will begin between Grid and Agnus as soon as Grid is back in the game. As a half-demon, is Grid stronger than Agnus? In the next chapter, all will be out. Thus, here is all you need to know about the chapter 161 release date & plot.

In the next chapter of Overgeared, fans will see the start of a new arc. Now that Grid has defeated Elfin, he faces a new challenge on his path to pavranium conquest. To find out when more about Agnus’s intrusion, read on!

Overgeared Chapter 161Overgeared Chapter 161

Overgeared Chapter 161: What Will Happen Next?

There will be a major showdown between Grid and Agnus on the pages of Overgeared chapter 161. Grid descended into hell’s abyss after Elfin’s defeat. However, it’s not what he expected. The devils of hell were surprisingly kind to him. In the Satisfy video game, nobody knows anything about this location. The upcoming chapters will provide more background info on the inhabitants of hell. 

Now that he’s returned back to Leidan, Grid may take his broken equipment to the blacksmith. At the same time, he’s putting faith in his guildmates to recover the pavranium crystal. However, Jishuka and Vanter ran into Agnus. He was in the 13th city due to a crystal belonging to Mumud. Agnus furiously revealed to Agnus that he is Baal’s contractor. The makers will shed light on his contract only in Overgeared Chapter 161.

Overgeared Chapter 161Overgeared Chapter 161

A Quick Recap!

The title of Overgeared Chapter 160 was ‘Contract.’ The plot began in Satisfy’s Purgatory. The demonic people of hell suddenly gathered around Grid. It came as a shock to him to learn that they held Memphis in such high esteem. Demons, though, were quick to figure out that Grid owned the feline. Therefore, Grid represented the little demon beast that they worshipped as God. But soon, his demon powers blackened out. And finally, he was back in Leidan. There he met Yura and found her to be a legendary class player. Out of the world’s total of nine legendary players, his guild now possessed two.

In the 13th city, Jishuka and others were looking for the pavranium crystal at the same time. There, they met Braham, who, at the time, was holding the crystal. He was rude and scared them with his Lich. Mumud was a powerful Lich who would fight against them. But his magic wasn’t any less than Elfin’s. At that point, Agnus came along and told them to stop. He said that he had been looking for Mumud a long time. And in the end, he beat Braham. The cliffhanger of the chapter revealed that Agnus had made a contract with Baal.

Overgeared Chapter 161Overgeared Chapter 161

Overgeared Chapter 161: Release Date

Overgeared Chapter 161 is all set to return this week. Fans can expect the chapter to be out by January 8, 2023. Meanwhile, they can catch up on all the chapters on Kakaopage, Naver, and Webtoon. There is no update on any break in the release date. But be sure to check back on this page. The Anime Daily team will keep you updated. Stay Tuned!

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